Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gooly jatuh kolam

This is what the newspaper clipping said:

At approximately 5.32pm, a boy was sighted running toward the Bridge at a high class residence, 50 km away from Bangkok metropolitan. He was drenched from head to toe, with a shoe missing. As he ran, he was shouting, "I fell into the pond!"

The Mahmee, aged 20 was reported to be calm and composed. "I reckoned that being panicky will not help the situation," she said.

"I have to admit I was speechless for a while. And I kept checking if he had any injuries. Luckily the pond wasn't very deep."

Upon further investigation, a few eye-witnesses said that the boy, named Gooly was trying to retrieve his best friend's wallet which fell into the pond.

His best friend, Ada, also aged 4 was visibly upset and refused to give any comments.

"I was only trying to save Ada's wallet. I fell into the pond. I wasn't scared. I was wet and I lost my shoe!" Gooly said at the end of the interview at the posh lobby of the residence.

For his bravery and selfless-ness act, Gooly will be awarded the Scout Honour Award at the upcoming Pesta Tanglung Festival scheduled in September. He will also be nominated for the Mascot role for Sukanneka 2010.


The above report is only half true. :P You go figure which is which.

Peeps! I am one proud mahmee. He was so helpful! Yes, my heart broke into pieces seeing his pitiful drenched look with one shoe missing... But at the same time it swelled with pride at his self-less act.

When he came to me, his major concern was still about the float-away wallet, not about his injury nor his drenched attire. For one whole day, the image of him running toward me with tears streaming down his cheeks and one shoe missing kept repeating in my mind. It will be one image etch in my heart forever.

Ada, his best friend here was very guilty and heart broken as well at his mishap. She thinks it's her fault. Poor thing. I assured her and her mom that it was only an accident.

It was sweet that her mom vowed to treasure the wallet in this life. Well, the wallet was given to her by Gooly, you see.

I'm trying not to romanticize the whole thing. But, how many of us, have such a childhood tale to tell, I ask you?

I'm sure Ada will remember Gooly, who fell into the pond in an attempt to rescue her wallet, forever!

Wow, that's something. My son, a hero : )

But dunno why, Misti said, my heart sng sng, remembering the drenched image of him.. Sigh. Poor boy jatuh kolam.


reanaclaire said...
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reanaclaire said...
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GG said...

apa newspaper lei geh? typo errors so many, grammar also not pass, nama pun weird..dun read pariah newspaper from now on. read hkk's.

during the scout honor award presentation, dun go and squeeze your head into the camview to cheong kheng thau ah..

ying hung gau mei? ADA is lenglui anot? (leng tak gor tai poh moe?)

(p/s: gooly, lei hoe yau joong, hoe yoong gum ahhh)

mistipurple said...

20 yr old mahmee should be very proud of herself to have instilled such good values in her gooly boy. my heart also sng sng reading this.

too bad mahmee cannot whip out camera and snap pics of the drenched boy walking to her hor? utterly bad taste to say, "i'm a blogger you see!" :P

gooly got any scratches boh? wash properly with dettol hor.

(feels very proud to know the mahmee. send autograph ok, signed by both mahmee and gooly. kkkk)


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