Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today I Make You Think

For a four and half year old, he sure knows a lot about science.

We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.


What about when we fart?

What kinda gas compositions do we emit?

Okayyy.... Now my brain starts clicking, the wheels are turning...

If there is an answer to that, how do we know if the answer is true? Did the scientist capture the gas in plastic bags or canisters? Did they run tests on litmus paper? If so, how did participants of the research knew when they will fart? Did they feed them with lots of bean to ensure lots of gas?


I admit. I was a bit stumped when Gooly asked that question. Based on past experiences, I know not to rely on you guys for answers. Instead, I went tap -tap-tapping the keyboards straight to my trusted G.O.O.G.L.E sites.

All about farts - I typed.

Ho ho ho..... I found a GEM. Not so for the knowledge contained in there but.... I realized that there are many people who wonder about kentut and are not shy to ask anything and everything about it, like moi and moi son. (Simply. I don't speak or read French.)

Among the many questions that made me laugh my infamous snort- like-pig laughter were:

a. Is it possible for a talented person to earn a living through flatulence? (Sinkar, this could be your chance to be famous!)

b. Is it normal for dogs to like the smell of human farts? (Liucas, I know your answer already! Don't say out, she will not feed you for 100 days!)

c. What is the best position for farting? (imho, while doing a hand stand in the swimming pool.)

d. Do fish fart? (Tuti and Tutu, RIP.. But I suppose out of boredom, you did dare each other to do the stunts of pushing air through the rear end.)

e. Is it possible to leave a brown spot on your pants because of a fart? (GG, that day you said you sat on Milo...hmmmm?)

f. If you fart in the bathtub, is the water polluted and should you refill the tub? (I don't care. I don't have a tub. I want to know about swimming pool.)

g. Is it weird to enjoy farting? (Sinkar, back to you.)

h. Is it common for people to enjoy smelling their own fart? (GG, I know you like other people's. That is uncommon!)

i. Can farting be considered sexy? (IF done by me.. 99.99% yes)

*snort snort*

I love laughing at one in the morning.

*snort snort*

(Is there a way to control this snorting? It's embarassing!)


tuti said...

*puts on professor's specs, since the sinkar one is sleeping at the moment*
fishes do fart. you can see the bubbles emitting from their rear end. cheh, such a simple question. the writer must have a brain the size of a fish to ask.
sinkar.. i enuf rude or not? :P

and all humans love the smell of their own farts. who doesn't? er... tmi?!!

for the rest of the answers, you've got to pay real money.

goolypop said...

Hoh tuti.... I caught you... U are those who sit in front of aquariums to watch fish fart one......

Such an interesting life.


goolypop said...

tuti again,

I dont like the way my fart smells (eventho they are odorless) .. err..tmi?!!

tuti said...

my fish fart in front of me because we have a close relationship. don't you fart only with your loved ones?

you have odorless farts ah?
wah, a saint chor.
tmi too? argh

Lt Sinkar said...

ladies and gentlemen.. let's raise your right hand and repeat after me:

We, as part of the Federal Automative Reserves Team, will not abuse and waste the amount of gas, no matter what is the quantity, to the discomfort of others, except in the crowded elevator.

Tengkiu you!

Gargles said...

who is GG, show yourself! *look left, look right*

(sui lui, you make me change my profile name another time, i'm gonna revenge!)

goolypop said...

Lt Sinkar,


We pledge eternal alliance with Bureau of Unidentified Resonance of the Pharynx (B.U.R.P).

Bos, can extend one more year membership for F.A.R.T ka? (for hamkar)

goolypop said...


GG is a girl i know from zumba class who suffers from incontinence. Sometimes she wears Jeans to class. But she can reaaly dance!

Familiar not?



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