Friday, August 7, 2009

Leaves from Heaven

Do you look at leaves? Like really study their different colours and hues and structures and shapes?

I used not to have time for that. *chuckles*

Ok, fine.. I just didn't notice them.

But with a child, you tend to look at world's finer things i.e fluffy clouds and fallen leaves.

Yesterday, while strolling with his friend, Gooly picked up a leave, and with his head looking UP, he said," A leaf. It's from Heaven."

Look..heaven and sky, hell and die, aren't exactly famous topics between us. When he said it, he sounded tenderly sweet. I was curious why he said that.

The best time to discuss it was of course before bedtime. I fluffed up his pillow, and he plopped down comfortably. And I began..."Why did you say the leaf is from Heaven?"

"Because God made trees and God made leaves for everyone so we can breathe oxygen. God made them in Heaven."

So there is a little Science and a little religion thrown in together. It's good that he combines them both. Something like 'matter, anti-matter' theory (from Angels and Demons fiction).

I don't know.. amidst the craziness in the world, it's comforting to know my child believes and knows there is Heaven and God, and knows how to find logic in his own way.

Kids are innocent, non-skeptic, pro-believer. What happened to us? You...YOU ESPECIALLY!! :P


reanaclaire said...

One question... what did u eat during the time u were pregnant with Gooly? How come he so smart? tell me.. i need the information.. never know... when i might find it useful.. share share please..

reanaclaire said...

eh..wait..wait.. Before i get char-ed, it is still one question, u can answer either one ...

gooly cha cha boom said...

haha.. claire, if i answer, can char your bor not? kakakkaa.

The Undertaker Sinkar said...

how about explaining to him how the body will rot after people die? neh, i heard corpse will rot from abdoment first becos there got shit.

oh btw, and dun forget the 101 ways to die. then maybe he will get the heaven concept a lil' clearer..

*class dismiss*

goolypop said...

Prof, *holding book list* 'The Suicidal Rabbit' no more stock at the Bilik Koperasi...

Can we start with Hell-o instead? How about Sugarku, Rumahku?

Big Pumpkin said...

Awww....that is really sweet. I love the pure innocence of children.


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