Monday, August 17, 2009

Kahleh feh

You know...

...sometimes we think about things of the past all of the sudden. Things that are tucked safely in the cerebellum and medulla oblongata (I watch too much Grey's) and out of the blue, they just flash before our eyes? And we go, "Gosh, I nearly forgot about them!"

And they are important things!

So I better write them down here before they go play hide and seek again.

1. I was interviewed and featured in a local newspaper before, circa 1999 and 2003, twice, on some very, VERY important matters like education and fashion. It was a centre fold c/w my too-fake smile picture. Just like a playboy magazine.

2. I was interviewed and featured in a local magazine before. On some very, VERY important matters like... (I forgot what!). Yang penting, my face was in it. Yang tak penting, my smile was fake again.

3. I was in F & N oleng jus advertisement when I was in standard six along with 100 other students. I was the one, third from the right, on the 78th row..(Kakakka.. Can't even see my nostril hair ler..)

4. I was in a tv game show. Malay game show, di mana saya dikehendaki berbalas balas pantun and bersajak pajak. And I won the first round, got a Crocodile watch and some hotel vouchers for my brothel biz . I qualified for the gala 100th episode in which I had to wear a Baju Kebaya which made me look like a datin princess. Go figure.

5. I was interviewed and featured in a documentary for a Salem event. They took half an hour to film the whole thing, and then edited it into a 5 minute junk.

6. I was interviewed for a Rancangan Yang Amat Membosankan for RTM 1, in which I was told to repeat what I said for about 5 times. And each time I could act as though I was saying it for the first time.

7.. oh.. and KLUE mag on designs and how much I don't know about it.

And the moment you have been waiting for......

Yes! YES! I looked like shit in all the above!

No wonder I try to forget!

And when I thought, who would watch RTM1 or pay attention to some crappy news reports, someone would tell me, "Eh, saw u on TV" or "Eh, that one you ah on newspaper?" the very next day.


But still, they are fun stuff to reminisce and to tell my grandchildren about. "You know, your ahma was once famous....."*

*Intentional bragging and exaggeration


Din Beramboi Sinkar said...

#2 issit Ujang?

goolypop said...


yes, dalam segment mari berhujah.. I remember topik perbualan was about Din's ayam jantan..

Anonymous said...

wah wah *clap hands*
*hold hands*
*kiss hands*
i am so proud of you.

goolypop said...

Misti, *do miss world wave*.. (But for u, my smile very genuine one)

I charge for pictures to be taken with me. Ai mai?


Anonymous said...

*hurries go preen self*
*powders buntut*
i'm ready for my pictureeee, mahmee

goolypop said...


buntut shot extra charge wor..cos urs so big, covering half my face. Kakakaka.

(phew..luckily u din say wan MY buntut in the pic, which is the size of the africa map :P)

Anonymous said...

hahaa. actually my boobs much bigger than your buntut.

GG said...

i know i know. #4 - replayed in FB before.

goolypop said...

it was juara bintang rtm1. Say sori now for all the bad comments n I let u watch the kancheong chikik re-run. N show u the ngokyu piew..

goolypop said...

Misti, boobs I biggest! Say yes! If not I dun show u my watch..

GG said...

hai la, hai la.. nei jui sing laaa..

*pin jui in corner becoz nothing weisui to tell*

goolypop said...

Yehooooo !!! I made gg pinjui! Next target, make her cry! (think hard hard- stack pillow high high tonite.

Acherli if any of u saw the show or other appearances, I'd die of embarassment.. It was really koiwui.. The hairdo... Omgourd!!

Anonymous said...

post pics out leh.
can't be all that bad. i think you're pretty chio. even in your before pics.

reanaclaire said... wai sui!!!! didnt know u were a celebrity...
*can sign autograph and take pic with me or not?*

goolypop said...

misti..gasp! wat before? u.. u... how u know... i went for breast reduction surgery.. how..u ..know....

Wah...first time ppl say i chio. *pose with peace sign*

swell la..happy tiusday!!!

goolypop said...

claire..hoiyoh! Dun say celebriti... Title says Kahleh Feh maaa. But i can still gib u my autograf.

*draw turtle on paper* Nah.. :P

reanaclaire said...

u r being humble ma.. on tv and in newspaper..still K lay feh meh.. great achievement already lo...

ngo yau cham tit ... yat chee only in newspaper... a 4" by 9" pic..

*wei, moe lum chey, ha.."


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