Sunday, August 2, 2009


Whose birthday? You asking? Nobody's. Shhhhhhhh~ *wink wink papah*

Gooly saujanjan. But I like the rustic feel.

Looney Balooney Clan. Only I am normal.

Hamyu Steamboat. Yum!

Tsunami-that-never-came, I hate you! If not for you, we'd have been here, like last year.


reanaclaire said...

wah..hoe yan oi !!! first time in history, nampak the yanoi-ness...

keep it going, madam!

*hoe sin moe* feel..

GG said...

seems like goolypapah more "kau siew" than you. his priceless smile with that long knife in his hand said it all.

(ya ya, it's the most loving couple picture of the year la)

Cy said...

Happy bday papah james. How old nw? 28? Or every year 28?

reanaclaire said...

eh... after looking at the pic again, he doesn't look like a papah.. more like abrother to gooly... and the lady beside him hoe chee lai mah?

teok boh teok?

*aaahhh...jau sin...*

goolypop said...

claire, dun play play, me and gooly very yanoi one...

GG, he gave me the knife, do u wan to decorate your face?

CY, doe war nobody birthday lok! Cake shop got sale jek... (dun worry, papah, i 'settle' for you)

claire again, yau war moe loefar? Ngak yan geh...

mistipurple said...

happy birthday, papah of gooly.
the cake looks delicious.
no tsunami good lah. at home more lovey dovey lor.

kiamsiap gooly said...

misti, thanks :) but the last pc of cake is mine eventho u hinted and 'kehsi' say that it looks delicious. :P

U have to wait next yr la for ur pc. Sori, I am not very generous with cakes. Unless it's .. heck, there is no unless. I wallop all cakes one. haha..

But i still wov u...


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