Saturday, August 22, 2009

A wishing mermaid

Gooly caught a beautiful mermaid (guess who? *wave wave*) who gives away wishes at the pool yesterday.

While covering her bosoms with one hand, and placing the other on her forehead for dramatic effect, she wept, "Please let me go, I will grant you a wish. I am a magic mermaid.."

"No, you are not! You are a fish. I am gonna cook you and eat you up!" he said while being cheered on by his fishing partner, Ada.

The mermaid retorted, "I'm not gonna play if I can't be a mermaid. Quick! Say you wish and let me go!" (I still have 5 more laps to go, mind you. I am not here to splash water like you little tots.)

And she flipped her golden amber hair that hung below her waist.

"Ok. I wish for you!" the boy decided confidently.

"What dya mean? You wish for me?"

"You! I wish for you. My mahmee."

"You don't want anything else?"

"No. You. I only want you."

And he swam away.

The mermaid sat on a rock and started singing a melancholy tune.

"Oh my beautiful child..."

The end.

What would you wish for? (that I stop singing? :P)


Gargles said...

i wish for not so vomitting posts *retchinggggggggggggg sound*

reanaclaire said...

I wish i m there to see your hand covering all your bosomssssss..


Sinkar said...

Replace the word mermaid with whale and I wish the story took place in a boat off germany's ocean during their annual whale fishing festival. Story liddat baru touching ma...

goolypop said...

Kaaaazooom! There, ur blog is deleted.

Sing wai yat paak pei..

goolypop said...


Kaaazaaam~ the next time I cover my bosoms, you will be notified. (Very rare cos I am always flashy)

Sing wai yat pak pei. Har yatt wai!

goolypop said...


Kaching! Sing wai 3 paak pei.. Yours more mahal cos u insulted the ikan duyung who has no connection watsoever with the ikan paus sperma.

It's DUGONG that I am related with ok?


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