Friday, August 7, 2009

My First Lie

I remember weird things about the past. When I said past, I meant at least 30 years of history. I have a very clear recollection about my childhood.

What people said.. What people did... My first encounter with a Cantonese friend.. My first period - they are all right here on my hard disk. *tap tap temple*

So now the truth - the first lie that I remember.

I was in standard 1. And to ease the congested traffic, the school had implemented a new system whereby buses could only go to back gate while students whose parents came with poot-poot car could wait at the front gate.

I, of course traveled in style a.k.a via the Bas Sekolah. My bus driver was a very stubborn man who gave very little respect to laws and regulations. He refused to wait at the designated area, because it would be jammed up with other heavy vehicles like his. So smarty pants decided to just park at the front gate, blatantly abusing the school rules.

The class teacher knew each and every child's mode of transportation, and thus ensured that we go to the 'right' gate. I don't know how the other students cheated, but the distance from the back gate to the front gate was quite monumental for my short pudgy legs.

So everyday I would run with all my might to catch my bus. And everyday I was the last to clamber on. Uncle bus would TSK loudly while the other riders looked gleeful as though they had bet correctly on, "Who will be last AGAIN today.."

One day, I have had enough! I decided not to be last! When the bell rang, I made a forward leap toward the front gate, and Mrs Rama (gosh! I remember her name!) shouted, "Hey you! You take the bus, go to the back gate!"


I turned around and said, "My daddy is coming today."

There were two lies there. The obvious is my daddy ain't no coming. And the second? I don't call my father daddy.

Right then, I could feel my cheeks redden. I was about to faint cos I reckoned the daddy part was a bit fake. Then she nodded her head, looking slightly suspicious.

I quickly ran for it. A sly grin spread across my perspired face. Cool, I am quite a natural, I thought.

When I climbed on the bus, Uncle was surprised, and gave me a thumbs up, and muttered something about, "About time you learn..."

I took a seat, sweating profusely, with a mixture feelings of awe, happiness, and guilt.

Strange I can remember, huh? Do you, of yours?

Oh, and the following year, I framed a boy. I fell into the longkang myself and accused him of pushing me down.

Wakakakakak. Not funny meh? Evil but funny..


GG said...

.... and so, finally Mrs Rama and we all now know that your daddy drives bas sekolah geh.

(sei moe, yan jei sei sei jau kong tai wah mm jam ngan)

ok, let's hear the story of how you jatuh into jamban. dun lie ah.. we know it's not a longkang, you LIAR!

kampoon sai sau gooly said...

GG, i got sauchanchan gaa... Gay-loot gaa..

And my daddy drives bas kilang..

There is no jamban story.. Only monsoon drain... i was nearly swept away u know...

reanaclaire said...

kam tok pei lei lum toe...

kam tok kor tak kwan...



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