Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday Thailand celebrated Mother's Day. Unlike the rest of the world, they celebrate not in May.

So in May, we didn't celebrate Mother's Day because according to Papah, we are in Thailand, thus must abide the Thai calendar. However, during previous years, when the Thai Mother's Day arrived, he told me, we don't celebrate on that day, cos, duh! we are not Thais.

Cis bedebah right?

Not to be trapped in the same booby this year, I asked him online the day before:

Me: Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Bought pressie for me already?

Him: We also not Thai. Celebrate Mother's Day in May laa.. (same old trick, that devil!)

Me: Kns!

Him: Oklah, what you want?

Me: Bag la, what else?

Him: Ok let me discuss with committee (Gooly).

Me: No need. Your committee is on my side wan.

Him: We do lucky draw lah. Main prize is your bag.

Me: Ok lor.

So that night, I sauntered into the room, expecting some tooth picks actions. Lo and behold, Papah announced that his committee member (Gooly) was not co-operative because "If mahmee wants a bag, just get it for her.."

Bwahahaha... gotta love my son, eh? He is 100% on my side. And I swear I didn't brainwash him, ok? I was all game for some lucky draw fun.

So the next day, I was thinking where to get my Rm20 bag. And Papah suddenly announced we were going to LV store!

Fullamakkkkkk! I nearly died of happiness okay? (Well, he added the joke about going and then u-turning back. And it was funny because I knew he WAS not gonna make a u-turn. Hell no.)

Between hyperventilating and at cloud 9, I suddenly


I ...

.. don't

.... need



Crazy? *self slap* Sure? *self cubit*


I do need a camera! An ultra cool one! That goes cicak cicak cicak cicak!




And so that's what I got. : ) Presenting my new baby.....

No regrets! This babe kicks ass! Thank you, papah! And yes, I solemnly promise not to ask for another bag...

....until next year! ;-)

Who wants to camwhore for me?


reanaclaire said...

wah.. so song.. teh a bit can get camera already.. olimpus some more.. very good brand la..! ok will wait for your ci cak pics from now on! snap more more..

goolypop said...

ha.. claire.. I not yet power teh hoh? Imagine if i max...... LOEKUNG~~~...

Hahha.. Palace also dapat! (lego)

GG said...

which side of the face you slapped just now? i slap the other side now *piak*

and also the butts *piak piak*

and also the boobs *plak plak*

(take my pic having fun, if you can)

goolypop said...



(ur idea of fun is not like tat.. remember to buy candles and whip.. i will blind fold and snap.)

UWEK! Vomit!

Anonymous said...

suk sun wan khun mae na kappppp!!!! lol

wow, geng mak mak.

where u bought? MBK? i scanned thru MBK...alot of canons ...then i also dropped by Parnthip (but dint cek out much, no time, wanna go CenTAN Bangna meet fren).btw, of all brands, why olympus ah?

anyway, hepi lorrr. did u cek out the 'stall' below Onnut BTS? quiet simple and nice designs..Bt250.

goolymama said...

anon, cos olyumpus ...erm.. ah... WHY NOT? that budget is like dat lur..

Winn said...

faster tell papah u need a LV bag to keep the camera, abuthen...put where?? nanti hilang or serious case u know!

goolypop said...

Winn, sock sing custom-make. Camera bagpack, which can be folded into a coin purse. Hoe mou?


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