Saturday, August 1, 2009

Eh, play time is that?

Pada suatu hari, I met with an acquaintance who told me the most preposterous erm.. uh... ahm.. what word should I substitute here? Ok, I tell you what she had to do, and you tell what adjective to describe the scenario here.

Ok, before that.. a lil background of meself.

During my kindergarten year and babyhood, we stayed in this bungalow with a huge compound with other cousins and their families. After school, we ran around in circles till I threw up or on some really bored-shit day, someone would organize a Hari Sukan, filling up 7 up bottles with water, which I was never allowed to partake, cos apparently I slowed down the actions. Durh! I never wanted to play those stupid nincompoop games anyways! *do wateva sign*

Later on, my family moved out on our own. Then, my daily after-school routine consisted of dropping off my bag, and cyling to house no. 99 down the road. Sometimes it got eventful where Dungeons or Dragons was on TV and we got to watch it together while munching packets of Mamee. Other days, we just mucked around.

Ah... sweet sweet childhood of tuition-less days.

So many times I have been told, things are not the same anymore. We can't possibly raise our kids the same way as before. And can I say:

WHY NOT?????????

I hate toys. Especially battery operated ones. When I say, Gooly, go play, I mean go downstairs, run around in circles, catch a tadpole, kick a cat , throw slippers, etc. You know, anything impromptu? Making up games? Getting into mischief?

..which brings us to the story about my 'friend' (not very close) who organizes play -time for her daughter. Usually she invites three other girls. So, there will be 4 of them. Yay! Can play mahjung...

Of course not. It's a very organized weekly programme. Very professionally done, where the itinerary includes structured role-playing of princesses, fairies and ... *gasp* (I don't know what girls play lah) And..deng deng deng deng....the kengchau thing is because there are 4 of them, she will have to buy 4 sets of everything whenever she goes shopping:

4 dolls
4 doll houses
4 princess dresses
4 wands
4 napek feathery bags
..and other 4s.

And all the items must be identical because *listen to my droning voice and look at my eyes rolling* the girls wouldn't share, and always want the same things.

So she gave birth to one daughter but ended up spending money like she had quadruplets.

Tell me, is that:
a. preposterous


b. you want to shut me up becos "goolymama, you don't have a daughter, you have no right to say anything. You don't know how girls behave becos you have a modicum amount of male chromosomes in you."

Fine. I will shut up.

One last thing, if you bring your kids to my place, there are no toys. I can give you empty boxes. Go build a castle. I don't care.

Stop giving me that look. Gooly is fine~ He is happy.... he will be a grown man, with good memories of his childhood of Transformer Box Costume, and Toilet Roll Rocket.



eugene said...

feeling nostalgic this saturday?

hey happy weekend and take care now

reanaclaire said...

wah...i want to befriend your fren.. everything buy 4 sets? too late.. my girl is teenage now..otherwise she would be owning many many sets of dolls, fairies..with wand..watever... this is either called "say tak" or should i say "sai cheen" too?

fyi, my girl never play barbie dolls before though she was 4 of them sitting on top of her study table overlooking at her doing her homework... either she doesnt know what or how to play with them or perhaps this mama here never play with her, never teach imagine...

guess my kids not so imaginary like gooly...sigh....

GG said...

can u explain the word 'preposterous" first? you use so deep words, how to understand and comment like that? and to think you only play double letters words in scrabble! bah!

now, what were you saying? ahh.. playtime.. dolls where got fun geh, hoh? they don't cry also when being tortured.

mistipurple said...

no commercial trappings. i prefer this way too. but no offense to those who feel otherwise.
there are/may be repercussions for those who go too commercialized for their kids. to each his own. but *whisper whisper* i like your way best; card boards and cartons and toilet roll rockets. ;)

goolypop said...

hi eugene, nice to see a newcomer :) Will go by yours in a while.

goolypop said...

claire, ur girl very pannai, cos the doll maker created dolls to collect dust one.. Really one.. :P

goolypop said...

GG, preposterous means got a little bit hamsap and kind-hearted. I suppose u can use it to describe your LKJ (hahahha... its very easy to remember the initials)

dolls for torturing one meh? wrong.. read my reply to claire.

goolypop said...

misti, *shout loud loud* FANK Q FANK Q!

whisper* acherli i no money..sour grape, But want to actsee say cardbox better.. :P

eh, i never use cartons. Thanks for the suggestion.. milk carton can do wat huh?..lemme think..AH! Urinal...

mistipurple said...

i had fun memories making things like walkie talkie/telephone with a string and the two ends with tins or paper cups or toilet roll cardboard. can really hear somemore! i think rub candle wax on the string reception lagi best.

carton maybe can use, haha. big ear piece, lol.

i had a book which had all these illustrations. eg. simple puppet making, paper doilies, etc. the list goes on.
it also nurtures creativity in the child. rather than buying an expensive toy or computer game eh? not that there is anything wrong with that, but to mix a healthy dose of hands-on has so much of goodness in it.
you're doing good, mahmee in a not so faraway land!

goolypop said...

haha... misti, u will be a fun play mate for gooly. No kidding.. how cool is a papermade walkie talkie. (but the wax part a bit kinky..kakakka)

I'm also not against computer games or other electronic stuff, but just dun like the idea of whipping out a gadget all the time for kids to play. Seems to lack inter-personal communication.

Which book is yours? Lemme check the contents! I wanna build a train with caboose!

mistipurple said...

that book i kapo-ed from my brothers when i was 5 years old. i found his green color book more interesting than my red one which had more 'girly' things to do.
ain't walkie talkies cool? lol.
wax not so kinky lah, unless u drip it.. er..
this one just rub la, dry dry wan.
not messy one bit.

you know, i even made my own cigarettes. oh my, what a habit.
okay, this may not be good, haha.
but anyway, i rolled up a small piece of paper like the size of a cigarette. covered both ends with paper. use scotch tape. then use red color pencil to dot dot dot one end. hahaha. now you have your turn to dot back at gooly.
the dots simulate fire la.
perforate with tiny holes using a pin.
put some talcum powder inside the stick.
then puff and blow like a real ciggie! hahahhaa.
(don't do this la. wait he grow up chain smoker, not that i am now. i don't smoke. in case you want to know.)

i boring you or not?
this was my funnest thing i played and i'd always look forward to making it like a 007 mission.

goolypop said...

omg , misti! u are a genius! My non-innovative rokok was:
a. toothpick
b. loveletters peah
c. pencils

Wah...yours very very terrar! Err.. not too late for me to play hoh?

kakakka... funny shiats.

Bill Sinkar Gates said...

she is being ridiculous. wht about the 46 kids staying in the neighborhood?

6 words:

if she wanna share, she shld share with all!

next time i wun buy toys for my kids, but will find a good neighbor.

goolypop said...

Piew Gates, where got ppl invite whole neighbourhood for play time geh? Also not yet Pesta Tanglung!

Next time u got kids.. err..uhm.. when you got, only talk lah!


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