Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free lunch

Best pals

We got a small package of goodies yesterday - 2 packets of chicken rice, a mini M & M, and a snack with a note:

Bla bla bla bla... for little brave boy : ) bla bla bla

It's from Ada and family.

I am a sucker for keeping mementos. This one is definitely going into the tin biscuit.

It's nice to be appreciated.

Kaifan, hoe hoe sik!


QC Check Sinkar said...

and gunipok's life-threatening, heroic, over-the-top, selfless, hamjimpeang rescue deed only worth chicken rice and some junk food?

And there is not even stars and loves drawn on the note?

This is unacceptable..

goolypop said...

Kau-C Check Sinkar,

Hoe gor moe!

Stars and loves for napek!

This is Bkk style!

former penghuni sri nakarin said...

how cum so many kikis, keekis, qiqis wan? so not the special wan...lol.

tu orang siapa tu, tak paham langsung siot.

rainbow angeles said...

kai pei or kai hoong??

there IS free lunch after all.. whoopie!! we are the world!!

Winn said...

kai pei or kai hoong?????

Winn said...

kai pei or kai hoong?????

goolypop said...


wat to do.. nama tu manis sekali. :D

goolypop said...


we are the chewren (all together now!)

Kai hoong.. But still bes!

goolypop said...

Winn, for u, kai puuut!

goolypop said...

winn again, doe war kai puut lok!

CY said...

In BKK, kai pei and kai hoong same same one. They use the kai pei and take out the bones so become kai hoong. And yes, Goolymama, Kai poot poot thais love it so much. A delicacy. Yuks.

reanaclaire said...

Very yau yeng pic of the hero and the heroine... :)

Anonymous said...

so lomantic.. laaaaaamm ahhh.

goolypop said...

Cy, why kaipuut yucks leh? watt luet luet, geh hoe gaa.. Belanja ur sister when she comes.

goolypop said...

Claire, gooly hero, the girl like damsel in ditress kan? hehe.

goolypop said...

misti, aiyoh..melt again ah. Today i lazy.. dun wan to mop u up. U stay the corner there and watch out for other mushy stuff, ok? :)

goolypop said...

misti, why i kenot go ur blog geh? geh geh geh geh?

Anonymous said...

i deleted my blogs. eek.
but i will always come and visit you k? hugs. *mop self up* kkkk

Sad gooly :( said...

anon aka misti,

then i ma kenot read ur tots lor.. Not fair lerr.. (Not that they can be understood at the first place..kkkkk)..Then when i wan to talk to u, i dial wat number ah?

Anonymous said...

my email: duskalways@yahoo.com
you can still get me. ;)
hugs dear mahmee of not so faraway land.


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