Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day

The night before -toss and turn.. turn and toss.. Wee wee in the wee hours... Gosh!

The anxiety.. My! My!

It was from me, not him. He was safely tucked in bed as early as 8.30pm. I went online to seek solace. Discussed with Edamame about the silliest things i.e if wearing singlet is too nerdy for a 4 yr old, what kinda hanky designs I got for him, and most importantly, will he know how to pangsai in school?

I think I dozed off after going through the list of things to bring to school for the hundredth time..just in time to wake again.

He sprang out of bed as usual.. put on his handsome attire. But oh dear.. mana itu tie? Not even at school yet, and he lost it already? Disaster! (found it in his bag later on. I put it in the night before. Tee hee!)

We got downstairs to hitch a ride from Ada. One minute to the appointed time, he said, "I think I want to pangsai.." Disaster again! Good thing that he does his thang fast, like me.

Got into school..steady..

Went for assembly..they started the National Anthem.. there were wailing and bawling from the younger children. He was still..steady. A bit confused and uncomfortable..but still steady.

Then the music came on for Senamrobik. That's when he turned around and with quivering lips, said, "Mahmee... I don't like the loud music."

"I'm hungry.."

"I'm itchy.."

"I'm hot..."

And macam macam lagi. I told him calmly that I can't stay because the supermarket is closing. Haha... Chisin..

He blinked away his tears. And pushed me gently and said in a pitiful voice, "You better go then.."

Wuah.. my hati sakit. And swell with pride that he was trying so hard to be brave.

I didn't go to the supermarket actually. Of course.. cos it wasn't even opened yet. I went and spied on him in the class room through the glass door.

Ah.. there he is. *smile* Oh.. he is dancing the chicken dance. *smile* Ooh... reading aloud. Good good...

And with a heavy heart, I left. Alone. Empty. the supermarket. Walking aimlessly. Feeling a little lonely.

..wondering again and again, "Oh, will he drink water? Aiyo, does he know how to tell teacher if he needs to wee wee? Oh..he better doesn't say 'pangsai', teacher doesn't know what is 'pangsai'... Enough food or not for lunch?"

And that's when I put in fruits, and yogurts and bread, and vegetables and some fish into the cart, deciding to cook POWER BREAKFAST from tomorrow onwards to compensate what's lacking in his lunch package at school.

I went to the toys section also. I usually dread this aisle cos it's so boring. But I went to buy the dinosaur fossils which he so wanted. There was a lady there, choosing some other toys. We smiled at each other.. and I dunno why, I told her, "It's my son's first day of school."

She smiled and awww-ed a little.

It's a bit weird, I know. I should be celebrating my freedom. But, losing my 'shadow' is quite daunting.

When I went to pick him up, he beamed so much that I felt I have never been missed so much by anyone before. He was happy, but confessed that he cried a little. He slapped his forehead and said, "Disaster again!"

Oh, son.. not at all. In fact, it was such a huge success! Your first day of school was a breeze.. You made us proud. Look:

Finally loaded up! I displayed the dinosaurs on his black board to surprise him.

Today is the second day. I didn't even go to school with him. He waved cheerily in Ada's car. I smiled so much that my jaws ached.

Brave and confident and independent - the essence of being a grown -up boy.

You are officially one grown-up boy, son. :)


Alex said...

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eugene said...


dropping by again,so happy to read your post, and looking at the pictures of the child, it warms my heart..

take care now my friend,,,,

family first no matter what

Muniandy said...

Hi Alex,

I'm Muniandy. I am the advertising manager of this blog. posting ads on this blog is a no-no unless permission is granted. seems like you have skipped that part and post ur ads anyway.

your sentence 'First of all, your blog is interesting' is so fake. the writer is not based in malaysia. seems like you dun really care about the blog and just wanna get your ads across.

rule of thumb is, every ads will cost money. since you have done it, please pay up. normal ads is rm200/day but since you violated the 'get permission' part, there is a penalty and this will cost you rm500/day.


goolypop said...

Alex, yes ..saw ur comment at sumwhere else too.

Hi Eugene, thnx for coming by again. :)

Muniandy, ur name leads me to yahoo. how do i contact you to find out details about when, why and how I have a manager, without knowing it?

Strange Wednesday.. Gooly, pls cum back to protect mahmee..

Muniandy said...

like all the superheroes, i will come to you when you are in need. there is no need to look for me.

for emergency, call 999.

toughcookie said...

awww... such a touching post. i can feel your hati sakit erks...

Big Pumpkin said...

This brings back sweet memories when Tee first started school. It is always heartwrenching yet a bittersweet affair when our little ones start school. At least he didn't cry. You must be so proud of him!!

2nd Hand Sinkar said...

eh, can sell things here ga? if liddis, i got stuff to sell wo.

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Gargles said...

Muniandy? Is he the Andy whom is now so hot in the chinese gossip papers?

Andy! Andy!

Oh, back to your post.

1. the way he tucks his hand into the pockets.. yauyengdoesei (pointing at the only pic which Thai gov allows)

2. mana ada orang leave the son behind on his first day of school and go shopping gah?? at least must wait for him outside the school gate on a rattan chair until class dismiss mah..

3. the lady at the toy aisle.. she quickly cabut-ed after teh slight awww-ing, haimai? can't blame her. before you into details from the time he got interbiu.

4. still online to read komen?? yaumoegauchor? time to wait for him at the condo gate la!

reanaclaire said...

Wow.. Gooly has certainly grown up.. i can feel how u feel... (as a mum, nothing else!) ..yes, any mother would be proud of Gooly here!

goolypop said...

Andy, do u wear ur underwear inside out?

*dial 999*
Utk kebakaran, tekan 1
Utk hospital, tekan 2
Utk kemasukkan pencuri , tekan 3
Utk kemalangan, tekan 4
.... utk superhero, tontoni-lah Heros di 8tv..

Che...waste my time only!

goolypop said...

beskot, sniff sniff.. got hanky not?

goolypop said...

Hi mamapumpkin..I think tee is so cleverrr and brrrave and bold! Lemme go dig, c if u have written on her first day. :-)

Gargles said...

2nd hand sinkar...
so cheap only?? very suitable for advertising on this blog. but be warned, blog is cheap only, the frequent commentors here all high class people, ok? you might not be able to close any deal here

(got discount anot?)

goolypop said...

2nd hand sinkar,

can round up the numbers mou? U know me and numbers dun get along..

ngamngamchamcham: hou sum, go donate all these junks to PAWS laaa..

goolypop said...

1. andy kawin jor..dun think of him anymore
2. that 'chap pocket' style is cool and relaxing, sesuai for 1st day of school
3. omg! rattan chair? that's so old skool. now its those wooden stool (sit and wash baju kind, wearing clogs)
4. ya ya.. better go down now. Go chit chat with the hansem guard.

goolypop said...

claire, wat else can u be? "nothing else?" wan to be his nai nai ah? heheheheheh

goolypop said...

Gargles again, u want that table calendar to lapis ur meja for chicken bones again ah?

(got underwear with holes, oi mou?)

rainbow angeles said...

alamak.. newer post becum 'older' pulak?

i got nothing else to say except AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

goolypop said...

Angeles, yup.. i main fengshui..susun susun the posts. hehehe..

U imitate liucas ah? Howl like him geh?

Jom sama sama..awwwwwww~~

tuti said...

muniandy hahahah!

am proud of you and your boy.
heart sng sng again.

goolypop said...

tuti, u know who is muniandy ah? he knows me, i no know him..

U pwoud of me eh? Got medal for me not? *chest protruding*

tuti said...

*gives bra instead*
extra size bigger. don't complen.

goolypop said...

tuti, *wear on head* fits..

i'm brainy, thus the big head ;-)


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