Thursday, August 27, 2009


Pure genius.

I know nuts about music. But when he plays, my heart skips a beat.. my jaw drops...

I am just mad about him. Mad like crazy. Crazy like I want to buy his album but there is none.

When his music starts, I just start smiling... *giggles*

His music goes straight into my heart. Pierces right thru even! *gushes*

This is his latest. I can like, uhm.. dance to his music. Parra parra parrrap paraap! *silly grin*

I like singing this in karaoke. Parra parra parrap pa raap! *bob head* Tee hee.

This is sooooo sweet! He smiles in the middle. *swoons*.

Coincidentaly, Gooly's hair is like his now. *giggles*

Another favourite. Isn't he like the most amazing? *WOW mouth*

One commentor says, " Everytime he plays something new, he is 5 million times better than the last. He is limitless."

Gosh! That is like..a very apt description.

God must have spent more time with him, really, like totally!

Can somebody like..uhm..pick up my jaw already? *giggles*

Sungha, saranghae! (I dunno what it means..haha). I love, love, love they way you bob your head when you play. *bats eyelashes*

You are like, uhm a true virtuoso! Yeah! *blushes and gives a peace sign and a wink*

(Ya, my style of narration has been morphed into gushing, blushing totally head over heels school-girl speech cos.. like, uhm.. you know.. *shrugs*)

Takkan I say: Sungha, come..auntie hug hug.. Auntie give sweets. You serenade to auntie. Auntie soooooo lapiew!


reanaclaire said...

wow.. u sound like a teenage..

Either u r in-fat-tuated ...


perhaps making your HUBBY j-lous?

tuti said...

hahahha ya ya i echo claire.
you soooo smitten chor!!! rofl!!
*goes market buy lagi bigger big of sweets* :x

tuti said...

typo. aisayyy. this aunty can't cover up already. big=bag

Gargles said...

i can already imagine 2 big thugs pulling, dragging this big auntie goolymama who has 2 pony tails on her head with big pink ribbons and a wet bib from all the drooling saliva, from the stage where sungha jung is performing, crying and begging at the same time "sungha.. i lup you..." and down at the audience front, goolypop was shaking his head furiously and telling people "no no no, she's not my mahmee.. my mahmee not like that one, on normal days.."

rainbow angeles said...


hey you! get out of her body right now!!!

*fears that the mahmee has been possessed*

gooly still fatt hiao said...

PEOPLE! Focus!

The star is Sungha.. Not sangha meen! Why talk about go market la..fat la.. wet bib la...

Angeles, nei jung suey.. gong kwai? Eeeeee... takuts.


Prof Sinkar said...

eh, normally u like ppl play the triangle gak. why suddenly like kitar jor?

oh ya, lupa. schizophrenic psychopath.

goolypop said...

Prof, Now i realized the triangle sound of ting...ting...ting... is a source of noise pollution. So now i Kitar semula. Recycle a.k.a kayuh basikal backwards.


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