Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This morning..

*staring at own reflection in the toilet*

YOU are so lucky, ni ji tau maa?

- I know..........

YOU! Take and take and take! When are you gonna give back?

- I will..............

He always say he is gold nuggets.. HE is, you know?

- I know.........

Have you told him you know he loves you and you love him?

- I tell him all the time, but wish I can do more?

What can you do? Cook, you dunno! Ha? What you know?

-*hangs head in shame* Wa ng chai....

Can you do what GG does best?

- Mopping?

NO! The other one!

- Oooooh........... *nod nod* I can! Better than mopping!

Ok, brush teeth now. Gooly wants to eat breakfast. Can you wake up earlier also?

- Wokeh. ..wokeh...After pangsai I brush, can or not?

*roll eyes* Up to you-lah!

Have you felt... like you have not done/say enough to your loved ones? Besides the usual words, usual service...what else can we do? - which doesn't involve money?

Haih... I can try composing songs, I suppose.


reanaclaire said...

Thanks for reminding...long time never say those 3 words to my girl.. my boys...my boyfriend..

Prof Sinkar said...

4 words:

schizophrenic psychopath

Gargles said...

forgot to eat your medicine last nite again? tsk tsk, poor thing.

gooly i love you said...

Claire, what 3 words? Wa ng jai? hehehhee

Gila babi gooly said...


2 words:

pinko yumtong? Nei yum tong! *slap!*

cupid gooly said...

Gargles, romantik, u dunno.... cheng chuey, u also dunno... Mop mop mop aje.

Later u go write one roman poem like me ok?

rainbow angeles said...

u can write haikus wat... write puisi? boleh jadi zee mahmi...

pssstt.. i blogged today... *gasp*

Together hiao said...

Eh Angeles u also fatt hiao like me ah? Ok ok I went oredi

Gargles said...

try these out..

1. pinching his nose in the wee hours of the morning when he's sleeping until his face turns blue, and when he wakes for a second, half awake liddat, whisper "i laup you"

2. pulling a plaster, with a cutout of the 3 words, out from the hairy legs while he's still sleeping,

men love that a lot, you know.


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