Monday, August 10, 2009

The night after..

I'm writing about my after-thoughts, post yesterday's incident.

Though I may sounded light about him falling into the pond, but there are emotions stirring in my heart, in my head since yesterday.

When he was sobbing, I soothed and calmed him by promising him one big ice cream from the 7 eleven nearby. His first respond was, "Do you want to have some?"

My son is a giving boy. I am proud, but it aches my heart too. I worry he will be taken advantage of. I am scared his heart will get broken. It's a cruel world out there. I may be living in a cave for some time now but I do know stuff. *grin*

Sigh.. but lets keep the positive vibes.

So when we went back up, I bathed him while checking for injuries. It has been weeks since he could clean himself, but yesterday I just couldn't let him do it on his own. I lathered him with soap, each stroke tender and with love. We spoke quietly about what happened. I reiterated about safety, without sounding too much like he had done something wrong.

And then we went out for dinner. Lasagna. He had wanted to try cos Garfield likes it but I always thought 190 baht was too pricey. Yesterday, I didn't care about the price or that it's too laden with cheese. If Lasagna is what he wanted, Lasagna is what he got.

When papah came home, he marveled at his bravery. He thought it was chivalrous of him to help a girl.

I felt compelled to write all these down.

Because I look at Gooly differently now. With so much awe. If the same thing happened to adults, we probably won't be bothered to pick up the wallet. Cos we don't care that our friend is upset. And we don't care cos it's just a wallet. It's silly to fall into a pool of water for a stupid wallet.

While rewinding the whole scene, I have asked many times, "Why?"to him and to myself. Why are kids so .... I don't even know what is the word. We, adults are just not like them. We don't think like them. We are so selfish, so scared of everything, so self-centered.

I am sure he wasn't trying to be brave. Does he know what is chivalrous? I don't think so. It just seem natural to help a friend in need. That's it. As simple as that. No big deal.

Someone once said, "He is bound for something big." That's a grand compliment. I had laughed at the comment. Now at 12.30am, watching him sleep, I laugh again, cos heck, he has done something big already!

Ya, he didn't save a living thing. But his action... his chivalry is equivalent to something as heroic. At least, to me.

On this day, right at this moment, Gooly, I want to tell the whole world that I am proud of you. Nothing else matters.. you have a good heart.

You have left your 'markings' in mahmee's and papah's hearts so profoundly, and I am sure, Ada's as well.

Way to go, son.


rainbow angeles said...

1 2 3.. awwwww... *invites gooly to yum2 sik2 cafe for dinner & dessert, on the house*

*ok la.. invite gooly mahmee too*

chewren are in their purest state of mind.. oh wait.. i take back those words.. not all chewren r liddat... there are alotta devils in the world too.. but gooly is me.. angel.. ;-)

well done, gooly & ahbu!!

reanaclaire said...

Mahmee, really true incident? i tot u play play only.... must cham char ying chor.. no wonder my comment has been deleted by u in that post...

wow...your gooly is real heroic! very kam toong...

Sinkar No Sinkalan said...

uols mm mui sai.. i was there during the incident and this was wht happened:

gooly walking by the pond. he saw a girl coming towards him. then he looked into the pond and saw a pile of cow dung floating with flies hovering nearby. he wanted to scoop the cow dung and flung it towards the girl.

before he could reach it, the girl took out a water gun (model AK377 Magnum 3.4 Auto) and gooly was shocked! and he accidentally fell into the pond.

He climbed up, paiseh and decided to take one of his shoes and throw at her. the shoe ended on the top of the papaya tree.

the girl ran home laughing hysterically. then gooly saw me. he asked me how now. then i teach him, saying, 'why dun u tell ur mummy that her wallet....'

goolypop said...

angeles, at least gib one whole year supply of free lemon tea laaa.

But hoh why u got horns one? U think u long hair jiau can keep ur devils horns ah? I can see poking out lerr..

But your heart yau geh colourful geh.. Like mine ;-)

goolypop said...

Claire, yes i deleted your comment because it was a special memory and your tone wasnt nice.

But, yes apologies accepted. :)

goolypop said...

Decide you got sinkar yourself -

According to my super sleuth mind:

1. there are no cows here, how can there be cow dungs?

2.Magnum 3.4 has no auto version. Have to sendiri adjust and focus one..

3.I saw your name on the nomination list for Mascot Sukaneka.

Are you feeling threaten you have stiff competition now? And you got nominated for picking up Liucas sai? And I have heard stories that it wasnt even licuas'. It was yours! And you were too paiseh to admit you membuang tahik merata rata! Geesh!

The mascot is OURS, for sure!

mistipurple said...

now quite worried about his selflessness hor? hard to be mummy i know. never mind, what you did is still right. teach him the dangers gently. but gooly knows about all the dinosaurs and science logic, so he will be able to reason the dangers too. don't worry too much.

mistipurple said...

ps. i wanted lasagna because of garfield too. that time haven't even tasted lasagna before, haha. so i told the family i must have that because garfield likes it.

goolypop said...

Ya, misti.. i keep thinking about My Girl, the movie. u know, that specky got stung by bees trying to get his gf's ring? And the ending....drama hoh... *shivers*

goolypop said...

misti again, ha ha.. me too! Have always wondered what the heckaroo lasagna is as a kid. Acherli I like Heathcliff better.. and Snoopy. .... too paisee!

mistipurple said...

now i not so in lup with garfield chor. but i remembered those days, where i even carried a giant plastic poster of him all the way back from a shopping centre. :x

love is sim sng sng all the way. even when you look after old parents. no difference in feelings i think.

mistipurple said...

pps. i wish i can go to a tiny world where gooly lives. i think i will be happy and safe there.

goolypop said...

misti, not tiny at all... his imagination really can stretch to another dimension. Haha. Scared not? If not, come jump in to out rocket-cum-submarine motorbike ;-)

GG said...

ok, i'm gonna change my tone too... it's the "Best mushy comment on goolypop blog" competition from now on.

I can understand how shaken you are, thinking how scary it is as gooly could have been in danger (gooly could have been drowned!).

Next time we meet, i belanja gooly lasagna, and anything YOU want too!

(ding king mei? need ding king leong char moe?)

goolypop said...

1. no woh.. doe war ngo hoe kwai STEADY lok. *act cool* it is only at nite when he is asleep, i think 3, think 4 jek
2. lasagna, after tried oredi, he not HOT about it anymore. Sushi still his fav.
3.Tang Ngan Loe leung char hoe fuu

*give award for nice comment* wear it on ur head lah.

mistipurple said...

give you all mush potato to eat. since it's mushy land now, hahaha.


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