Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking the plunge

We love to swim.

Almost everyday at 4, you can page us at the pool.

Minutes later, the regulars will come. In cutesy swimsuits showing off their chewable thighs. I mean the kids, of course.

And their regular activity consists of jumping into the pool. Again and again.

And again.

And again.

The bigger boys sometimes run at top speed and make a high jump.

The sillier girls sometimes twirl around until they see stars and fall into the pool.

I love to watch them do it. The gleeful laugh. The 'Geronimo' shouts. And the big splash.

I reckon it will be fun. Cos BIG hippos like me don't dive or jump into water.

Unless on a quiet day, and nobody is at the pool.

..and my son is bored with me cos I don't plunge.

And he keeps saying, "Try it. At least try.." (My exact words when trying to get him to eat the greens!)

I muster all my courage and heave my big ass up the pool. He says, "Hold my hand!"

I stand at the edge. I feel giddy.

The water is too blue! I can't do it!

"Don't be scared! Nothing to be scared of!" I hear.

I can't do it! The water is too deep!

"JUMP!" and he pulls me into the water.







I kid you not. I shriek like a hyena. If the guard-ess could speak English, she would tell me "Don't disrupt the harmony of the Kingdom of Thailand."

It is not fun at all.

I don't know why you kids do it!

Don't ask me do it ever again!

"It was scary! My heart nearly jumped out" I told him. He felt my chest and said, "Your heart is still there. Don't worry."


And wipe that mahmee-is-so-silly grin off your face!

Cis! Just leave me at the corner next time.


former srinakarin inhabitant said...

lol. i always dive and jump into any pools i visit/swim. ah boy will appreciate my company...too bad, i had a flight the other day.

Anonymous said...

haha, he gave you the same words you must have given him when you persuaded him to swim!
he's such a lovable boy. he has such a big heart. dang, you made me ooze again. *wipes self*

toughcookie said...

aiyah... i love to swim too you know but have not gone to the pool since the baby. my body not so cun anymore to wear those bikinis lehh :(

eh how come see you less in fb?

GG said...

*hands over ek el small sai red henno miao miao bikini top to you*

auntie, saw this flying out when you were taking the plunge..

Bao Dai Wok Sinkar said...

u didn't mention abt the part where the guard have to refill the water into the pool after ur atomic bomb plunge..?

goolypop said...


I repeat: Do not disrupt the harmony of the Kingdom of Thailand...

goolypop said...

Anon misti, ya... kik sei ngo. Everytime he uses that line, TRY, AT LEAST TRY.. i have no choice one. Cis! (a taste of my own medicine. blek)

goolypop said...

Beskot, pakai jer.. mesti confident..kakaka..

FB, still main leh. I lurking around.. :)

goolypop said...

GG, thanks..thats eye-cover.

*tuck in my ek ek ek el cheetah printed bikini top*

goolypop said...

25 jai Sinkar,

What i din mention was after my kamikaze act, the guard also tabik and respek and caya sama gua...


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