Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Killing Brain Cells #100

That number is fictional. But I think it's not too outrageous to say that he had killed 99 brain cells in his four years of living with me 24/7.

"Why are armpits ticklish?"

a. how I know?
b. ticklish lah! What you mean why?
c. because you will be scared of you wife
d. go watch tv.

Unless you have an (e), I would have to choose one from the above.

Today no mood to google.

Even though I know I will get crap answers from you.

But I so need the laugh. And Biology and Body Nerves are too boring for us..


GG said...

(e) becos your mahmee "hiao" and wear a lot of spaghetti strap blouse when pregnant with you

(f) becoz your mahmee can't wait to hear you laff so she early early go and tickle you everywhere when you were just 1 min old.

goolypop said...

Hoi! you think i pintai like u ah?

Taipar.. have to use google again. Haih..

GG said...

now my turn to ask question

"why not in the mood ah"

(a) notchet orsee
(b) yau sumsee
(c) miss sumbordee
(d) taiyima kar doe
(e) GG not yet update blog.

goolypop said...


its (F) sifat han but war ng toe....


mistipurple said...

i left my brain in restaurant city.

Kai Tau Owner said...

misti, not laughter meh? I heard you roaring with laughter when you got my message? Hehehehe..

Prof Sinkar said...

all rubbish, let me explain:

kalatai is a place full of nerves.so full sampai all branch out, poking thru the skin. layman term is armpit hair. scientific term is armpitus hairis.

i quote:

"plucking of armpit hair is killing innocent nerves." -nizam zulkifli, cobbler

Kalatai Gooly said...

sinkar, so err...ah... the ticklish part is..err...ahh.. oh, cos kalatai is a funny word?

(seriously, kalatai is dem funny...You see ah, Keoktai, is sole of feet. So kalatai is the sole of kalat. Where is kalat?

JAWAB! Hadiah sagu hati menunggu anda! (Rexonaaaaaaa!!! Abuden, u think FCUK again ah??)

Prof SInkar Again said...

hello! obviosuly kalat refers to shoulder lah!

u think and see!

Kaiyik Gooly said...

Prof, i looked and checked and smell and thought about it... and the conclusion is...

suddenly want to eat BBQ kaiyik..

mistipurple said...

pengsan. all your commenters siao.
but i love all of them LMAO!

tickle gooly said...

happy boe? misti? I also happy reading them :)


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