Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yet to attend one crazy wedding

How cool is this! Fun fun fun! Sporting dong!


Anonymous said...

yes i saw this.
maybe if i marry, i will have my wedding just like this, hahha.
*wishful thinking*
gonna menopause already, blek.

GG said...

I heard you had a blast too during your wedding.

When my kids get married, I'm gonna tell them this is what I would want.

goolypop said...

Anon misti,

oh.. i was hoping that someone will say that!

I just self-invited to ur wed..:)

goolypop said...

GG, where u terima khabar angin one? (8 doe sei)

Can i be part of the dancing troupe ah? Me and u, partner zumba? and then i trip u..ops..u arent supposed to know that..


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