Monday, August 10, 2009

Sharing and the Buuuuunnnnn~

Do your kids share?

Well, mine does. *ahem*

Do you have problems propagandizing the idea of sharing is caring?

Well, I don't. *nose high high*

BUT I have greater problems.

The way he shares is, to say the least, very 'kiksau' or problematic.

First of all, he volunteers to share, even without me goading.

"Do you want some of my crackers?"

Nice, eh? Before you say "Awwwww..." let's see what happens next.

Just as you reach out your hands to receive the generous offer, he will say:

"Crackers are junk food. You shouldn't eat so much, you know." And he puts the crackers into his mouth and starts munching in the noisiest possible way.

Chartoe, eh?

On some days, he is much better.

He lets you take the crackers. BUT just as you were about to put them in your mouth, he asks:




"Do you want to share back with me?"


Usually I say NO!!!

Then he will lecture me about being generous and unselfish, and the other 101 sharing mantras. Ngam ngam cham cham until I give him back the crackers.

Anjua? Awhuit not? Share lei share hui, takorkat!

Today I was famished. There was one custard bun which belonged to Gooly.

I asked politely if I could eat it.

He was very reluctant. He hesitated. Then he suggested that we share it even though he had just eaten his dinner.

Ok, takpe.. I am a sharing person. So I broke the one-gulp-can-finish small bun into half, and passed it to him, which we both gulped down in record time.

When he found out I had finished my share, he started crying, "That was my favourite bun..." (thinking that I should share my share with him, understand?)

Ok, blood started to rush upwards toward my brain. I started lecturing him the whole idea of sharing again. About caring. About loving. About equality. About a hungry mother can really whoop his ass.

He then in his most pitiful voice said:


Correction. He wailed the above with tears streaming down with exasperated breath. When the BUUUUNNNNN~ was uttered, it was with such strong emotion that you would think he was talking about his dead turtle (not that he has any).

So I retorted that if he were to give it to me so unwillingly, I wouldn't want it either.


Put that on repeat mode for about 10 times.

It was starting to get funny, seriously because his lips quivered so much at the word of BUUUUUNNNNNNNNN~~~~~

Sigh! It was only a custard bun, son. I mean ... a custard BUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN~~ Why so emotional?

Finally, GG's method worked. I told him, the next time if he really did give me a whole buuuunnnnnn without causing any drama, I'd get him TWO BUUUUUUNNNNNS the next day.

That did it! Phew! He could say BUN properly without feeling too sad.

Thanks GG. (Turn around vomit)

Addendum: After reading K. Keat's comment, I realized that its unfair for Gooly that I reported only the above incident on the topic of sharing. He does share with other people, no problem at all. And usually he offers, "Do you want some?" with bated breath. And when you decline, you could almost sense his shoulders relaxed - glad that you didn't eat his food. Kakkaka. But the main thing is, he does have manners to at least ask. And even if you toook a bite or two, he is alright. He throws a fuss only with me and his papah... Hmm... maybe our bites are too gargantuan?


GG said...

you are most welcomed (turn around and vomit)

nah.. tht phrase also mine ah... toot lei toot hui.. takgorkat.

i also get that idea from someone else geh.. lan theng tit, it's also called bribery. the way to go living in this bolehland. must learn from young lor. but, let's see how he twist your trick around this time.

Winn said...

seriously this bunnnnnn story very funny...
HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! i'm trying to imagine how he looked like when the drama starts..haaaaa!!!1

mistipurple said...

now i'm craving for a bunnnnnnn.

Truthful Sinkar said...

u heard him wrongly. he said:


ppl ask u to hold ha jek, u sik guai jor hui..

dai ha sai, bei si wai!!

khon thai cheur keat said...

all of u above....i hv met him several times, and he seems to be cool with me...ahem. nothing much to shout of emo about.....kiki hor?

ahemmmmm, clears throat.

goolypop said...

GG, sap patt seong moon, he oredi twisted laa. *smack head* I dunno why, suddenly, tiba tiba he said,

If i give u whole bun, the next day u give me two buns. Then the next day u give me three buns, then i give papah one..and then papah give me two more buns.. (and he went on and on and on I decided to play Restaurant City to 'langjing har'

goolypop said...

Winn, easy la.. U look in the mirror and sing Seong Hoi Tahn..

Looong Buuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn~
Loooong laaauuuuuuuu~

Same lor.. the mouth like that. But must emo hoh. Tears tears flowing.

goolypop said...

Misti, crave for sumting else laa. It's war zone here. hahahah.

I got durian, i share.. i wont go Duriaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn~ one. Hehehe.

goolypop said...

Nothing truthful about Sinkar,

Yahoh.. now i think think.. he may have said:

Next time i let u hoooold the buuuuunnnn.....

Not whole bun hoh?

Poewok..later buy one dozen bunny bun bun.

goolypop said...

keat, thats becos there was no bun involved and nobody gets hurt.. next time u try and see.. experiment with bun, WW3 ahh..

Ps. Joking only. Maybe there are other factors that day. Too hot, too cold, too sleepy.. mana tau?


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