Friday, July 31, 2009

You decide

Not a care in the world. Bliss. Alone. Afloat. The Unsinkable. TGIF. Come What May. Don't Give A Shit. If dung can float, so can I.

The many suitable words to describe one happy moment.


P said...

u think floating liddat can pee in the pool moe?

that reminds me of a joke on a lifeguard and a guy peeing in the pool.

goolypop said...

well, according to Galileo, the earth is round, so no.. he can't pee while floating.

ps: also becos it's tak bermoral, jinkak, and koiwui to p in the pool

GG said...

he happy makes you a happy mom too, right?

.. that is, until the scrabble pyramid gone all wrong. your turn!! happy?

goolypop said...

gg, where got ppl play scrabble like that one?

u think cheerleading meh?


-keluar tajuk yang teramat sangat


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