Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Papah the player

I am the sort of mom who plays bored board games. I like scrabbles, Wheels of Fortunes, etc. I cannot tolerate jumping monkeys. I hate screaming hyenas. And I cannot possibly bring myself to dance in public, even when begged by my own flesh and blood.

Which is why.. I am so grateful for Papah.

Err.. nope.. He doesn't dance in public either. BUT he:

a. plays sword fighting with Gooly behind closed doors while I say, " I don't want to know what's happening in there."

b. lets Gooly be obnoxious and the most nerve-bashing remarks he can come up with is, "YOUR son.. that 'lansi' face is from YOUR genes." while I try hard not to laugh. (which entails that if Gooly were ever obnoxious to me or other people, he will GET IT from me.)

c. woke early that day to bring Gooly down to the park for a quick morning walk, while I just stared at the ceiling and wondered, "Who on earth wake so early and take a leisure walk before coffee?"

d. laughs when Gooly burps and farts while I pretend I didn't hear any.

e. offers ice-cream treats even after saying that he felt Gooly's thighs are getting corpulently delicious.

Ah.. you see. Our parenting methods and ideas are quite different..but the good thing is, they are never conflicting. We are not eyeing on the 'charfityan' position. Neither do we confuse Gooly with our different strokes as we don't argue in front of him.

We just play different roles. I teach, papah plays.

I may be a "Sergent"(Tabhik!).. I may be authoritative..I may be strict....a lil boring at times. But as declared many times, I am not a dictator. I like the balance Papah strikes. Seriously, growing up in an army cum nerd camp isn't gonna be fun for Gooly.

Gooly, thank your papah for the balancing force.


GG said...

Papah gooly.. habbi bbday. (this only as bday present? 1 post dedicated to him jek? tsk tsk tsk)

all nite long gooly said...

GG, ngo yau moe yau nei gum cheap aaaa?

Heimar got stimboat and other steamy scenes laaar!


Anonymous said...

sayang, abang ja pai krungthep na wan nii. ja yuu tii reflections hotel, samrup 4 wan. khun google reflections hotel dai. pom kor ja tor ha khun na kap.

wat deee kap.


goolypop said...

Anon, this message, u need me to send to gooly hai mai?

You gila babi!


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