Monday, July 27, 2009

What do you say before you leave?

Everytime papah leaves the house to work, he tells Gooly, "Take care of Mahmee."

*sob* It's like what the man in the ad. told his unborn child.

It's strange cos the other day, a friend had just asked if we say 'I LOVE YOUs' every morning before leaving the house.

We do.

I am so glad we do.

Do you? To those whom you love and who love you?

Al-fatihah Yasmin Ahmad. (The above ad is not done by her. But life can be indeed fragile. Treasure our loved ones. That's what Pn. Yasmin has been telling us in her many many touching ads.)


rainbow angeles said...

gooly would hv been great as tan chong ming ;-)


reanaclaire said...

who is tan chong ming? sounds he the one who is in love with his malay classmate?

in memory of yasmin, the advertisement on the elderly ladies in a home, comparing their grown up children, is one of the best that touches the hearts of many...

GG said...

(this is a serius post hoh? cannot talk crap, right?)

i don't say "i love you" to him, but i say it to meimei..intending the 3 words dipantulkan to his direction as well..

sigh.. it seems like so weird to say that out of a sudden, perhaps if it starts with "sui loe, i lap you" might be easier to work that out.

Utopia gooly said...

Angeles, if gooly is tan hong ming, then umi is nong kithep somfon!! Global oredi the message! No more divide divide country. Alangkah baik?

Mata bengkak gooly said...

Claire, that one mmg bes. Semlm I pook iklan. Watch all her ads at go. Dem hamfu hamfatt

Lovely gooly said...

Gg, pantulan suara is effective if in a vacuum. Haih.. Bm kenot sains kenot.. How?

How about " loeyeh gum man fahn nei yum tong ah? " Also love kan?

mistipurple said...

got, everyday must hit your other half hard hard. that is lup.
ok ok, joking.
i indigestion. ate too much. so cannot write eloquently. not that i can on a half full stomach also.

ahhh. feel better. bubble air came out.

see? can't write still.

i lupliuuuuuuuuu. proooot.

Sifu gooly said...

Double ended woh Misti. Burp n proott! *hit back hard hard* how? Better not your indigestion? Wanna try foot reflexology? I inflict pain cos I love ok? ;-)

Serious Sinkar said...

*tension as this post sounds serious shit*

ahem *clear throat*

JIN TIAN......... BU HUI JIAAAA......!!!

Sinkar Ahma Gooly said...

Sinkar Pls Don Try to be Serious Eva Again,

*take tin biskuit cover a.k.a siew sing fatt pahn and hit ur head*

Piang piang piang! Poh ABC tong oredi then only say not kambing back..


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