Friday, July 24, 2009

Ops! He did it again.

Remember Gooly drew a school of fish the other day? Guess what? He did it again! Only this time it's a flock of birds.

Ish ish ish..budak nie...

Now let me tell you..L.A.Z.Y is a forbidden word in this 40sqm apartment. But I know he is using short cut. The first time he did that, I refrained myself from being judgmental and harsh. I also didn't want to jump into conclusions too quickly. I have after all, misunderstood him before.

And the flock of dotted birds came today....

I inhaled and exhaled a bit..and told him, "It sure is one easy way out. You can dot anything, everything... The dots can be fish, birds ..anything, right? Clever.."

He nodded.

And I burst his bubbles. "It's easy...clever even..But it's cheating."

Bingo! You should see the guilt on his face.

Haih, son.. I don't expect you to be Picasso. I may not be a good art teacher to you, but I hope to be a good moral guide. I know you didn't inherit any artistic genes from us. But the least you can do is to try and persevere.

Look at this. I am happy with simple drawings and writings as such. Because it's from you. Your hands created this.

Put in effort when doing something, anything. That's all I ask from you. Thank you.


GG said...

as a self-proclaimed no. 1 fansee (and no. 947386 enemy) to your blog here, i demand to see a new blog template!!! So lazy one, no design, no pikchas. Draw something on it, will ya?!

(got mouth say people, no mouth say ownself!)

goolypop said...

GG, likay hing minimalism aaah... U dunno meh? Never read the latest issue of M.A.D magazine ka?

reanaclaire said...

When u said he drew dot, dot... it reminds me of a game I used to play as a child.. from the dots we joined one line to another.. and after joining all, it becomes a big diamond shaped with carats!!!

what do u think of that?

U are one Big Lucky Mum!

*another envy look from me*

goolypop said...

Oh... he gave me the dots to join, hai mai?? Che...kwa choe hui tim...

*go connect dots*

Cheh..lagi sampah. Dunno wat triangle taifu shape come out..

mistipurple said...

*claps hands* so clever. you found the korek way to tell him. i wouldn't have. that was so clevers. *admires with dreamy eyez*

Poker gooly said...

*poke ur dreamy eyes* simply poke can not?

Muak.. Sayang balik! :-)


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