Monday, July 13, 2009

The things I do to keep him happy

At approx. 3pm, I changed my status at FB to "Rain, no rain? C'mon! Decide oredi!!".

It was because Gooly was nagging every 5 minutes to go swimming. Finally, I relented. We got changed and went to the pool.

..and drip drip drop...It began to drizzle.

Grrrrrreaaat! The rain wasn't heavy, but if we made a u-turn, the rain from Gooly's tear ducts will be unbearable!

Having been called dictator, stalin, 'richard' marx and a communist, I decided to chill out a bit. Relax...take deep breaths. What's a little rain? Let's open up the pool umbrella and wait a bit for the rain to stop.

Pitter patter.. Drizzle became rain. Uh-oh~

I began to grumble and whine like a 4 yr old - "What are we doing here? It's raining. I'm wet. I want to go home. I'm cold. I will get sick."

And Gooly who is 4.5 turned 50 - "Be patient. The rain will stop soon. Don't be angry. C'mon! You can use the towel to cover yourself."

Despite being 50, he began to dance and sing in the rain.



ฺBetween feeling manipulated, cheated, frustrated and wet, a smile managed to creep in. So, I put on the swimming cap, looked like an idiot to the other residents, and waited some more.

And when we finally dipped in the pool, it was freaking cold!!! Nobody told me anything about strong threshold against cold and rain when I applied for motherhood. Geeeeesh!

Why did I do that again? Ah yes, to keep my boy happy.

C'mon! Give me an award already! I'm cool. I let my son play in the rain. Just don't tell my MIL that.



Chairman Sinkar said...

what's wrong with letting a 4 yrs old swims under the rain in the pool with thunderstorm, you dictator?!

goolypop said...

chairman, the problem was there was no thunderstorm.. I couldnt let him swim without lightning and thunder. U understand my predicament?


Winn said...

'nah, give u' me hands over a bull of shit to gooly's mama princess hands..

'fresh from the oven, best consume when it's cold, so hold on to it for a while' me says:P

Tapuware gooly said...

Winn, erm ahh err.. Am I holding it for u to consume? Put in Tupperware better la. Airtight summo. Later jgn lupa to eat at ofis k?

sik sun said...

gei hou sik ga wor

goolypop said...

sik sun, oi, moe sik sai.. lau tit pei GG and Sk..


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