Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's been a while since he killed some brain cells of mine.

He did it again, a couple of days back. Gooly wanted to know:


Oh-kay, son. You want to know why bananas are yellow when they ripe? Like how leaves turn brown? Or sky turns orange when the sun sets? You know what? I don't know. *smile* Lemme check with my friends.

She said it has something to do with PIGmentation, which makes sense until she explained it this way, "Long ago, PIGs loved bananas."

Meanwhile, he said something about maturity-breasts and periods. And somehow bananas got lost in the plot.

Whatdoido..whatdoido...whatdoido.... (with friends like them?)

I google the answer, of course.

So we learned about chlorophyll, and also never to depend on my friends on scientific matters.

Also, I thought he had given up his profession as a neologist right after creating "skoobables". There were no inspirations for new words for some time. All of the sudden, he resumed his duty as the creator of "ENGLISHEN".

My son is creating a new language called ENGLISHEN. Should I be ..erm...errr...ah... worried? *bite nails*

Why? WHY? Do you want to learn a new language, son? Learn Mandarin, Thai..Cantonese, even.. But when I try to teach you, you turn a deaf ear. Why Englishen? Why the trouble of creating a new language?

"Because it's easy with Englishen. You say 'tampong' when you tangle up a person with string. There is no English word for 'tampong'."


But nobody speaks Englishen. Nobody will understand you.

"I teach you. You learn it. First word is 'maiminpao'. When you blow bubbles, and nothing come out, you say, 'maiminpao."


WHY ME......why me......why me............

Duuk ..dukkk...dukkk.....*hitting head againts wall AGAIN*


reanaclaire said...

is that Banglish? :)
cute gooly...

GG said...

i want to enrol in englishen! sounds so cool.

maiminpao sounds like beli/jual bread. can i tweek it to bwibunpo? yes!

so pigs love bananas, what's wrong with that? why can't pigs love bananas, you tell me.

rainbow angeles said...

all hail gooyee!!!

gooly linguist said...

claire, dun confuse me further.. wats banglish?

gooly siao said...

gg, dun give me more headaches.

pigs don love bananas. bananas love pigs.

gooly karaoke said...

angeles, that a new jaiho, indian song? sounds like it..:D

Saddam Sinkar said...

what's wrong with letting banana turns to yellow from green peacefully, you dictator?!

goolypop said...

sar-dam (very brave u),

chill..chill..nothing's wrong. *place banana skin in front of u* here, step forward..shake hand. PISS~


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