Sunday, July 19, 2009

Whadya know..?

Today I over heard somebody telling his child, "Look at this boy. He is very brave. Very clever. Not afraid of water. Come into the pool, like this boy. Come!"

(Probang sai kaa... Koon king maak...Chai kap...Mai soon jai kaaa.. Somchai tomyum kaa..Sawadeekap... Krapkunkap...Sikap..) - Bwahahahhah! I understand more than I speak lah!

Yup, he is talking about my son alright!

Not long ago, we were telling Gooly the very same thing. Whadya know... He's an example to others now.

And the other day, my confidence was raised another notch when a new friend marveled at the way Gooly behaved.

He said sorry when he accidentally knocked into her.

He said thank you when he was offered some drinks.

He offered me a seat at the BTS.

He did many other things which I had forgotten to pay attention to already.

Sure, we have our battles, wars, screaming matches little disagreements.. but whadaya know... we are doing okay.


: )

That's the thing, like che_det once said, "Kita mudah lupa.." We tend to forget the good stuff. We tend to magnify problems in our lives instead of being microscopical about the pleasures in our life.


Winn said...

he lupa his tumbler!

mistipurple said...

lol at winn!
she got funny bones, just like the one who calls you dictator. haha.

sikapkunkap jaijaiwatongkun. :D
and nope, dunno a word i said.
hope it's not scandalous or scolding some grandlord who will come to my door and kill me.

i hungry. cannot comment on post. later got brain then comment.

goolypop said...

winn, moe tai wong si. Yang penting, he got new tumbler now. :D

goolypop said...

misti, aiyoh! UR thai FAIL LA! Come learn with me after u makan!


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