Monday, July 20, 2009


The only thing which is consistent in our daily activities is our bedtime story-telling.

2 books usually. 5, when I am really in a good mood. 10, when he has been reaaaaallly unbelievably good.

We read all sorts of books. Fictions, non fictions. Books about dinosaurs.. books about animals.. books about human body..books about dinosaurs..Did I say dinosaurs already?

Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Baryonx...Bah! They aren't exactly my favourite. The reason I can spell them out now is because I have the books with me now. (They are everywhere, every corner of the house)

Gah! I cannot even pronounce their names. We read about them every night and the very next day, I forget about which ate plants, and which were carnivorous.

*Rubbing my temples. Headache *

But guess who can...? *grins*

Meet Gooly, the nerd paleontologist.

It started off with Barney. And then Jurassic Park Part 1, 2 and 3. But he is not interested in Ice Age 3. Dunno why. But he adores dinos. Every single one of them. *excuse me while I yawn*

Any-hu, we were reading yet-another-dino book the other day, and we came to this part:

"Before the dinosaurs disappeared.."

He stopped me right there and said, "They didnt disappear. Still got fossils".

Wokeh..extra work.. Now I have to edit what I read. *jeling*

And when we came to this part:

"Nobody knows how the dinosaurs extinct.."

He interrupted again, " Only Gooly* knows.."

You do? What is your theory?

"The t-rex ate up all the other dinosaurs. And then one strong boy has superpowers, he catch the tail and flung the t-rex into the water."

And he flung the bolster across the room.

Hmm... Ultraman, how did you get into our lives?

"name has been changed for fun.


Winn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winn said...

is MILO dinosaur his fav drink?

*to the author above : dont pray pray!!*

GG said...

too much violence.. need censorship board to approve jor. from now on, please stick to mills and boons or enid blyton's books. meanwhile, all the books are confiscated, please send them all here.

goolypop said...

Winn, ok thanks. Next milo dinosaur on you!

PS: why you always come after the author who spells badly and sked ppl find out and then he/she delete comment geh?

Ng tung.... hui hai Sinkar??

goolypop said...

GG, send them over so you can make them into place-mats? to put your chicken bones and pigs intestines? NO WAY!



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