Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making Friends 101

70% of the time, I am amicable.. BUT! that Thursday evening, I was the other 30%.

Gooly and I were at the park downstairs. He was playing with this girl, about his age, without a word spoken to each other. Just a lot of running and sweating and laughter.

For awhile, it was just me and the blue sky and a gentle wind zephyr. Just the right setting to spring clean my muddled thoughts.

And so I had my usual dosage/ritual of soliloquy:

Did I turn off the air-cond? I think I did. Maybe I didn't. Eh, that guy quite hawt - looking. Looks like Gooly's gym teacher last time. GG will like that look. Maybe not. What to eat tonight? Eggs, need to buy eggs. Must call ahbu. I wonder if I should fry or steam the eggs.

They were going at a speed of 110mph with no signs of braking. While the left brain handled the mundane, confusing details of my everyday life, the right brain went on about emotional and illogical matters concurrently:

I don't feel like talking. Did I wear my bra out? Yes, I did. No wonder I feel suffocated. I hate chicken breasts. Why is she looking at me? No, I don't want to make friends. I don't speak thai. I am wearing my spectacles. I hate making eye contact with my 2 inch thick glasses. I don't think she wants to be friendly either. She doesn't look interested. Is she smiling at me? Crap.. she is..

I stopped my bullet-train of thoughts right there to hear: Hello, where are you from?

Huh? A perfect English sentence. What a pleasant surprise.. and an equally pleasant smile. I reciprocated (after brushing my tongue around to ensure no remnants of kangkung was insight)

And so we chatted. It turns out, Ada, her daughter was born in the same month and same year as Gooly, making them just the right age to play. Ada speaks English too. Yay! And the mommy shares the same name as me, Simone Lee Presley*. How uncanny!

That's life. When you totally didn't want to participate in any tete-a-tete with any party, it didn't care. It throws one right at you forcefully. Luckily I am not that obstinate cos it turns out.. I enjoyed the chat.

We are swimming together today.

I should really put on contacts and nicer bras and panties and be more wary about oral hygiene, even it's just a trip downstairs to the park, because who knows I'll be befriending next. (Should consider lipsticks and eyeliners too.) There seems to be more 'aliens' around here these days. Just need to adjust my antenna a lil' to receive better transmission.

Thought for the day: Making friends as an adult has been perceived as difficult simply because we are more cynical and lazy than we were whilst in kindergarten. But little pleasant surprises await us at parks. : )

*Name has been changed because I have always wanted a fancy/puerile name like that.


GG said...

Warning: No pics to confirm how hawt, don't even mention it, ok? Making ppl sumseesee only.

Btw, I think I haven't tell you my engrand name yet. yes, it is Simone, you've got taste.

goolypop said...

GG, sum mat kwai yeh see laaah.. ngo wah hawt jiau hawt laa! Majiam Leonardo Di Cappucino like dat...

Deng.. you copycat my name again ah? Dun la. Simon suits u better.

Kwua kwua kwua kwua..

mistipurple said...

my racing thoughts are at 50mph. must be age.

i'm more selfish when making friends. i'm commitment phobic. i should be made a man.

Slahtee gooly said...

Ah..u r the slow n steady type.
Commitment? So serious ka? Deng! Wat have I gotten myself into? I tot just like our marriage cincai-cincai one? Dun tell me I also need to commit to you exclusively!! Im
married everywhere! Then again me being promiscuos is wat u like abt me rite? Hehe

mistipurple said...

hahhaa. you're an instant pick-me-up. er.. in more ways than one eh? lmao!

Raynebow said...

Life dishes u the most unexpected things eh? Like how i stumbled onto your blog one fine!

I miss ramlee- gooly said...

Ya raynebow. P ramli burger once said ' expect the unexpected '. Kan? :-p


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