Thursday, July 30, 2009

Joe-san kok wai!

Goooood morning America!.. and the rest of civilization!

My hair is getting slightly longish.

I can now tie it up into a tiny lump at the nape of my neck when I mop, sweep, cook, want to disguise as an ugly old maid want to make believe that tiny ponytails is in fashion.


My son doesn't think so.

"Mahmee, you look so preedey when you tie up your hair."


*looks at mug of coffee* I don't need you to lift up my mood today, you lousy mug of caffeine. You never say I am pretty. You never notice when I tied up my hair.

*looks endearingly at Gooly* Want to have ice cream for breakfast?



Winn said...

he rinse his mouth with oil ga?

lum-doe-oi-sei gooly said...

winn, oil is not for suntan meh? His mouth encrusted with jewels laa, i know.


Sinkar Philosopher said...

pity.. at such a tender age he can lie to himself just to have a chance on the ice cream.

nvm, he will learn that when he grows older anyway.

yah, and u believe him, just like saddam believe that his moustache is macho.

(ada kena mengena ngan diktator tak camni?)

goolypop said...

sinkar, saddam's mustache not macho meh?

that is like urm, the only thing worth discussing here.

keati said...

lol, cam sial. hehehe

takleh tahan.

goolypop said...

U nie..keati ke kati? ke kathy?

GG said...

one hear jiao know he's lying laaa... you only believe him! then again, noone blames you geh. old maids do need some encouragement sometimes.

hoe leng ah lei.

goolypop said...

GG, maybe u didnt hear correctly..

he said, MAhmee, you look so PREEEEEDDDY when you tie up your hair.

Now, tell me which part is fake? Nothing! Only your boobs are fake.


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