Wednesday, July 22, 2009

* I . LAF. U *

Do you think there is such a thing as - inappropriate moments to utter those 3 words?


....when I am trying to break the 4 x 100 m Horlimpik record doing my laps in the swimming pool, and he hollers:


...and I have to stop my momentum, turn my head toward him and hear:



... when I am doing something really important like taking a dump, and he knocks on the door, and I terkejut yang teramat sangat. So I shout, "WHAT?" only to hear:


What about ..

..when he wakes, and sits on the bed, stares blankly into darkness at ungodly hours..waking me up in the process, and mutters:


And then..

... there are times when I yell at him, threaten to cook 'tantiew mun kai' a.k.a 'rotan ala sugar CANE', and he hugs my legs and whimpers:



Anytime, anywhere..these words are instant cure to moodiness, sadness, chisin-ness, mangchang-ness dan pms-ness.

I don't think anyone has said 'ILAFIU' to me so many times before in my life. Only 4 and half years spent together, and he had already broken the record of all the people whom I know who love me, and tell me so. Even during undeserving moments. (AND YES! GG, I know not many people love me. I'd be lucky if they don't voodoo me.)

I think he is the sort who goes "I just call to say I lafiu". :-)

But gooly, do me a favour. Just don't sing the Barney song.


reanaclaire said...

sounds like "I laugh U" ... i think u purposely forget to type in the "at" word la....

ok, ok, i confess... i m indeed very jeles... see what u have done... now i got to make my daughter say the 3 words too... " I lup u, i lup u, i lup u"
I bet she will say these 3 words to me instead...

"dont disturb me, dont disturb me!"

No Bluff You one said...

are u sure it wasnt ' i bluff you' instead

after getting your attention by yelling out mahmee, he then said ' i bluff you'..quite zheng seong jek

i bluff you
you bluff me
we are happy enemies
with a great big punch and a kick from me to you
wont you say you bluff me too


mistipurple said...

don't make me melt again... nooo.noooooo... *blop*

GG said...

he's on training... in future, got all the lengluis and silais in the world to tackle, sure must make sure the 3 words come out naturally...

but anyway, enjoy the moments!!

(p/s: i laf u too!)

dick day ter said...

imagine hitler on the balcony ala pope with his millions of stoned-faced nazi military below and he says..


aihh.. dictator.. (not say u la.. dun perasan)

goolypop said...

claire, min kiong moe hang fook. Shuen bah ler..

No Bluff You, is that HEAL THE WORLD tune?

Misti, DANG! My mop is missing leh. No choice. LICK u up!

GG, u laf PS? The only PS we know is... PornO SeX.

Salah Spelling Dicktator, when do we get to FIRE! Cheong-pai?


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