Friday, July 24, 2009

Ilmu Hisap Darah..

Besides Arts, I am also horribly terribly atrociously hopeless in Maths. I see you raised an eyebrow. Why so surprised? Now you know I am not purrr-fect.

So!...Numbers scare and bore me.

My earliest memory of how 'suckie' my arithmetic is, is as below:

I was 10 years old. I had Rm1. It was a hot and sweaty day, and I had a hard time deciding what to buy at the school canteen. I was so rich, I panicked. Should I buy the sugar-laden doughnut with flies hovering over it? Or the hard like rock karipap? Ah.. what about that ice-cream stick? I checked the price. 10 cents..... A good bargain.

Digging deep into my pinafore pocket, I dished out my crumpled Rm1 note. Handed it over to the Malay lady and proceeded to rip open the ice cream sirap. While sucking on it, making my tongue all pink, I stood patiently for my change.

Remembering what ahbu always told me, I checked if I got the right change. 1, 2, 3, 4.....90 cents. It can't be! I counted again... 1, 2, 3, 4...90 cents. Really wor...

Die! The lady short-changed me. I was in dilemma. Should I approach her?

After deep concideration, I braved myself and charged forward and told the canteen auntie,"Kamu bagi saya sempilan puluh sen. Saya bagi awak satu hinggit"

"Yelah! Betul-lah! Habis..Makan ais krim tak payah bayar ka??????????????"

Oh my bitter-gourd! That was like so memalu-balukan!

One ringgit minus ten cents equals ninety cents. How hard is that? Very me when I was 10. Now it's easier a bit.

And the only time I passed my Ilmu Hisab with a mediocre C, was when I got a new pencil case, which when flipped, revealed the whole treasure of the TIMESTABLE....right up to 12!

I struggled on until Form Five when copying answers for Additional Maths every morning doesn't seem like fun anymore. I threw in the white cloth. And never look back ever since.

Eekk... I hope Gooly will fare better in the canteen and numerology.

*put on paper bag over my head* Ok..start laughing.


GG said...

OMG!! I forgot Maths was called Ilmu Hisab timm...

anyway, dunno how to count, never mind. that's just ok. because still got your sampatness. making people laff is a wonderful thing. that includes being in a memalu-maluan situation.

goolypop said...

GG-cheh,I know how to count...dunno how to calculate jek..Got diff, u know.

Eh, today quite mild woh. I tot u will say,TAI NEI YAU GUM YAT! ALWAYS LAFF AT PPL!!!

For not saying that,5 words: i lapiu.

GG said...

u know i wanted to say those words to you.. glad you got it off my back!

for saying those 5 words: i lapiu too!

reanaclaire said...

2 words.. : verli geli ...

tim kai?

...with all the hisab hisab and lapiu lapiu.. i give up.... 3's a company..

jau sinnn...tata..

Winn said...

so u sokong gooly learns math and science in BM or thai?

no england. england cannot wan sik in msia or thailand maaaa;p

goolypop said...

claire, if dun talk world peace and love, then really talk maths meh? I oredi said numbers scare me leh..

goolypop said...

Winn, one word:if got choice, I choose Latin lor. Yau ying doe sei speak Latin. Those hot Latinos speak Latin moe? Same not?

bao dai yaan sinkar said...

ooo.. no wonder...

yuen loi kecik kecik that time got the ciri ciri dictator jor..

siong sik bah wong chaan!!!

4 words for u.. 哈利波特:混血王子'''

goolypop said...

Ok, according to my CSI skills, that's bhs tionghua.

Sumting sumting wong tzi. Kafeh wong tzi? Yaya! I like coffee.

Winn said...

speak latino mia ppl must come with a round tight butt! lei yau mou? gooly yau mou?
must shake like strawberry milkeshake one okeh

goolypop said...

winn, that one is latino chamber maid. Normal latino's butt is orange skin (chaopei) and jiggly like jelly...which I also dun have.

So jom berbahasa Swahili!

Raynebow said...

Errr...exactly how much were u expecting back from that malay lady from your RM1?? *scratch head*

Non maths gooly said...

Raynebow, hard leh the sum? Heheh.. I was expecting rm1 .. Why? Dimji wo.. Paakchi!


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