Saturday, July 4, 2009

Self reflection

A vain pot I am not!

In fact, I hardly look at myself in the mirror. But I do cam-'kokokai' quite a bit with Gooly, and the last couple of hundred shots made me realized that..

..don't laugh.

.. my right eye has some-what aligned itself to the left. It must be due to my super-bad eyesight; that I am using my left eye more than the other, making it now 'lazy'. It's not a major, MAJOR, can-die issue which I have to deal with, like right now, because according to a reliable source, it wasn't obvious. I'm still pretty (this he didn't say, but who cares? :P)

Oh boy, have I digressed!

I have meant to self-reflect on my mothering skill. I'm serving my reflection, the sandwich way. First, I spread the 'good stuff' I have done, then I lather the very bad things I have said, and lastly, I'll top it up with the usual "I promise I will improve myself" crap.

Why? Because I am hungry.

Let's get it over and done with. And I can have a real sandwich. Yum!

First, the good. I am no longer 'sucky' in the morning! I tuck in early, avoiding late chats with people like YOU, and thus have been able to wake with an NTV7 face (ceria ceria selalu). I serve brekkie willingly, send Papah off to work smiling-ly and shit quickly (I used to hide inside for moments of silence, remember?)

Now, the bad....

Say, we don't really want to spoil our appetite, right? So, let's do a summary of it, ok?

Pada suatu hari, I started calling him nasty things like greedy, selfish, naughty dan lain lain. His airmata mengalir. His heart went 'piiiang!' And sometimes Mahmee is eager to show off her vocabulary, so she would continue to diarrhea off shitty words.

There! That's the bad fatty bacon I inserted inside the sandwich.

Now, the final touch; the toothpick flag on top of the sandwich: I WILL NOT LABEL HIM WITH NEGATIVE REMARKS! (The flag is an allegory-lah! I am making a solemn oath upon a flag ok?)

Nice or not, my remorseful yet hopeful sandwich?

Sila makan. Jangan malu-malu and jangan komplen, ok? DO NOT LABEL MY SANDWICH WITH NEGATIVE ADJECTIVES, ok?

1 comment:

reanaclaire said...

sure u did that sandwich yourself and not ordered from McD?

(psstt.. is that compliment enough for u?)


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