Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lil chats

I love chatting up with Gooly. I have always liked talking to kids. The elements of surprise and innocence they exude- me likey.

We talk a lot, Gooly and I. Before we sleep, when I cook, in the car, while shopping, while pangsai.. From birth, we have covered a wide range of topics but I must say..

.. we have quite forgotten about one important subject - ME!

And it would seem like he wants to know about me.

Him: How do you know that? (oh, we were chatting about Galileo's theory :P)

Me: I learned it in school. (actually it was from some crap movie)

Him: YOU WENT TO SCHOOL? (totally shocked)

Me: Yaaa.... I did..... (a lil surprised and insulted that he found it shocking)

Him: For how long? 128 years?

Me: *grins* Not thhhaaat long.. But ya...about 120 years. *grin*

Him: WOW!

About time you get to know me, son. I have so much to confuse you tell.

Jokes aside, he does pick up a few hints about myself. Like...

..once he drew a treasure chest, and gleefully announced that it contained BAGS..glorious, beautiful, whore-rific bags for me. Heh heh heh.. Anya's, LV's, Spade's, BV's.. (Okeh, he didn't say that..but whilst we are fantasizing, might as well!)

.. he likes asking other people to buy me durians, even ersatz ones whilst pinching his nose.

..and between steaks and dimsums, he knows I'll choose s.u.s.h.i.

My son, my confidante.

Err..but now you also know about my sinful indulgence. Wanna be chums?


GG said...

it's time for him to join our online chats too..

genius gooly said...

GG, r u implying our chats are.. ingenious?

Ya ya..me too. *giggles*


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