Friday, July 17, 2009

Ayam Percik and Mona Lisa

When I wake, this is what I see (when Gooly doesn't park his face inches from mine).

Little fluffy white clouds. (What? I wake 7 early 8 early now, before the Sun is on the top of our heads, okeh?)

I love the view.

Why are clouds prettier here?

Ah.. I know. Because there are no grilles to obstruct the panorama.

I hate grilles. They make us look like we are in prisons. Instead of preventing thieves and robbers and 8pohs coming in, they stop us from jumping off the building when the need arises (contohnya: the announcement of an impending visit from your M_L. You need to buy a vowel here again).

The house I lived in prior to this, was grille-less too.

Free like a bird. Not caged. Not grilled. Yup, we like that.

On a totally unrelated but got-connection note, grilled chicken anyone?

PERHATIAN: Ayam percik ini BUKAN dimasak oleh saya atau mana mana pihak yang bermastautin di kawasan ini. Ia semata-mata untuk hiasan dan hiburan bagi tetamu-tetamu. Jikalau anda ingin .... (forgot my BM already lah! Think I so free do karangan ka?)

On a lagi tak related note, we went B2S the other day.

What is B2S? It's a stationery shop where they sell rows and rows and rows of watercolors, magic colors, crayons, pens, pencils etc. They make you artistic just by looking at them. I so wanted to buy so many things. But I reckon all my art-ventures with gooly will turn out looking like this:

So, what's the point, right? I settled with just two rollers and some paints and a canvas. Gooly was very excited and got down to work immediately when we got home.

He started with some splashes of greens and yellows. And finished off with strips of browns. He proclaimed his masterpiece as "FOREST TRUNKS."

Not bad, eh? B2s, we are going to visit you again. Boo! Be very afraid.

Artist: Goolypop, aged 4, sometimes 50
Materials used: Canvas and watercolors, a dash of spit
Inspiration drawn from: Nature, Mahmee and dung (no correlation)

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