Thursday, July 30, 2009

I seriously don't want to go kindergarten

There are days when I look at people and radiate 'bugger off' signals. No reason for that. Totally uncalled for. But these signals come, not by my own volition.

Other days, I stare at people furtively, surreptitiously, observing..studying.. in my attempt to better understand humankind.

Some days I am disgusted with things I see; bullies, hypocrites, imbeciles etc.

Other days, I see hope, silver linings and the whole shebang.

Today I met Nong P at the park. Gooly as usual, jumped at the chance to have a playmate.

Never mind that Nong P doesn't talk. It's ok that he runs awkwardly, and Gooly doesn't care that he mutters to himself.

As usual, Gooly was totally oblivious that.. yes, Nong P is autistic.

A lady, may I add, a sweet kind lady.. was there with Nong P and his maid. Because of my mediocre Thai, I could understand only that this lady was not a family member, she just likes playing with Nong P.

She encourages Nong P. She beams when he accomplished a simple task. And she seems appreciative that Gooly would play with him. She was so gentle with him that if not for her non-silai looks, I'd have mistaken her for Nong P's mom.

In smattering English, and with eyes that almost pleaded that I understand the child's condition, she said,"Nong P is slightly autistic."

Maipenrai (It's ok).. I said, as my heart beat a melancholic tune. When the sun was too hot for us to stick around, she ushered Nong P to me, and prompted him to give me a 'wai'. I ruffled his hair and said, "See you around."

As I headed back to my apartment, I marveled at the lady's kindness and love toward a child, whom she has no family ties with. Her spoken English wasn't exactly excellent, but the fact that she said "autistic" could only mean that she has taken time and effort to understand the child's behavior. (Nong P's mom is Danish, and I assumed has told this lady about autism.)

She would make a good kindergarten teacher.

But she won't be happy. Because people don't want manners and kindness. They expect A's for their children, you know?

I am so not going to kindergarten. They teach you nonsense these days.


reanaclaire said...

During my time 1960s.. (u were still not harvested yet) I can only remember songs my kindergarten teachers taught us ... songs like Jack And Jill, went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water....."
"Tinkle tinkle lit lit tar, how I wonder wat u r..."
"ba ba back ship, had u annie woo"

songs like these now no more sung nowadays...

sori, i think my topic sudah sengat...

GG said...


ada orang mau kata...

that that that...

(you say it yourself, ok?)

mistipurple said...

that's why it's so hard to raise a kid these days. on one hand you want them to have good values, but the world is a conflicting place. god bless good hearts like her's and yours. :)

goolypop said...

claire, got sung..Gooly knows ah. Oh, he doesnt go kindie yet.. ha ha.

goolypop said...

GG, u mao kata apa?

(that I botakchek?)

goolypop said...

misti, raise wabbits easier hoh?

lub u!

reanaclaire said...

GG, that that that...



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