Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stage 2, FIGHT!

I am officially declaring year 4.5 as another stage of parenting.

I need new strategy.

I need new tactics.

I cannot be check-mated by a 4.5 yr old. Grrr!

Previously, I have naively thought I will never be using certain words in my motherhood career. Words like:

a. Listen to me. I am your mother.
b. Fine. Don't listen to me.
c. Don't ask why. Just do it.
d. Because I said so.
e. How dare you?
f. NO! Just no. Don't ask why.

Currently, I spit these words like a child spits peas . Very often and very unhealthy. To top it off, I have a perpetual "WT..." look. I scowl like I am constipated. Very often and also very unhealthy.

You would too if you listened to him talk. Like this:

Him: *pouring out some Smarties into a bowl* You tell me when to stop eating. But not now.

Me: Okay. When?

Him: *starts munching* Not now.

Me: Okay. *starts FB-ing*

(Few minutes passed. He sauntered to the sink and placed the empty bowl in it.)

Me: You finished everything? I thought you were supposed to leave some.

Him: You didn't tell me to stop. Next time tell me to stop.

That's when my face became constipated. That's when I heard an imaginary "check-mate!" Helloh! One moment of FB-ing, and he ate my 'pawn'?


Then again, it's only Smarties- matchbox size. I should just chill. It's not like he eats them and his teeth drop off there and then.

I know. I'm so contradicting.


Do excuse me. I am just trying to live another day without blowing a blood vessel, okay??

Now, back to the list on top. I should pick (e) "HOW DARE YOU?" in a shituation like this, don't you think?

I'm so losing my mojo. *gasp*

Duuk...duuuk...duuk...(my head hitting the wall)


mistipurple said...

you know, this happens even to 'parenting' an old dad. i did all that though i love him with all my heart. because i cared, that is why i blow my top.
imagine not caring. that would equate to allowing him to eat twenty boxes of matchbox sized twinkies. substitute twinkies to durians for old dads. same outcome.

if i don't care for my friend, i wouldn't nag like a mad woman. not doing my image good too. the reason? we care, and the result is we end up looking real bad.

so, don't be too hard on yourself.
another reason is, proximity drives one insane. but that cannot be helped. you are with him 24/7. that drives you up the wall literally.
we can't win sometimes, and in this game, we don't win but score big at the same time. am i making sense? haha.
the end result is what's most important. the heart is bursting with love and that is why we end up not balanced creatures. but love is insane anyway. too bad huh.
and... i should not write comments when i have worked 11 hours without a break.

Stalin Sinkar said...

what's wrong with a little smarties which brings joy to 4 years old, you dictator?!

appreciative gooly said...

misti, u MUST write more comments, at least in my blog. :)

You have an innate ability to analyze my thoughts and feelings without being judgmental, even when I try to sound light about things that frustrate me. :)

For that, I thank you. You give me insights which soothe the inner beast in me.

Come by more! I give free massages when time permits.. :p

the secret said...

stalin, i dun wan him to be smarter then me, ok? I admit! Dem it! Smarties? Helloh? They get smart eating smarties ok? You should not never never let your boss eat them.

mistipurple said...

hahahaa. your best weapon is humour. made me laff out about giving smarties to bosses. i must buy every smarties off the cold storage shelf in my building, so that the management does not get to them!

and you're totally sweet too, to always appreciate what i churn out. these are thoughts that would materialize only when i am in the jamban, and with you, it seems to flow out freely. that's a total compliment to you k? kakakaka

beh tahan the bei-ness said...

misti.. hkk..


think of jamban, think of gooly said...

misti, wokeh, if u think of me in the jamban (is this combo possible?), what kinda thoughts will you be churning?

Ha! Now you will think of me when taking a dump..Cool~

WHOLY KAU! said...


we know its you.. spelling 'hoe' as hole, and making 'bei' look/sound like beisi.

So you kenot tahan the beisi ..go dig it, rub it into a ball, and eat it.

sinkar never sinkar said...

mehsi? mehsi? yuen wong ah..

wong fei hoong said...

lam yan tai jiong fu, joe tak choot, ng par ying!


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