Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do love stories begin at age 4?

The Kratongs

Yesterday was Loy Kratong. I will not go into details about the huge disappointment I had at the party downstairs, after having experienced the real fun one last year at the old mooban.

Say, I didn't explain what Loy Kratong is all about at the old post.. Tsk tsk.. I knew it was something about paying homage to the Water Goddess, and also the act of floating the krathong is to bring luck. But because Gooly's school was also celebrating the festival, I had to google for more information. So.. here comes your enlightenment.. Heheh.

Loy means to float. Kratong is the lotus shaped vessels. They used to make them with banana leaves, but now Styrofoams are abundantly used. Kinda ironic that you thank the Water Goddess by polluting her territories with rubbish and such, eh? Anyways, when you 'loy' the kratong, it is believed you are floating away all your sadness and anger and bad luck or all negative vibes, in short. (I loy-ed yesterday. So I don't hate you anymore.. *pointing at you*) If you are darn serious about loy-ing, you could even cut a bit of your hair or fingernails and put them in the kratongs. It's like a solemn vow that you are cutting off the lousy bits from your mind and soul. (To stop hating you, I'd probably have to cut a liver and half a heart out. Kakakkaka!)

Gooly was a farmer in the dance, I think. The costumes were all very gaudy but colourful nonetheless.

Oei, this is not the intention of my posting today! Alamak..

I want to talk about love and friendship.

Yesterday, at the appointed time, we waited downstairs for Ada. We then spotted a few kids from school who have come to join the so-called party at the pool side. They were from Ada's class, not Gooly's.

Naturally I thought, "Oh, would Ada still play with Gooly?" seeing that there are other kids now, one of them being being a girl, and all, whom she may be closer to since they spend a whole lot of time together in the same class.

When she came, we heard shouts of, "Here comes Ada..there..she is here.. Ada Ada Ada!"

I could tell from Gooly's face that he was feeling kinda.. how do I explain? Lost, perhaps? He managed a feeble, "Ada~"

And that dear little girl's face lighten up, walked straight to Gooly, and smiled a very sweet smile for him. Awww...

Now the rest of the gang was beginning to wonder who this bloke was, 'stealing' away their princess. (One was kinda big sized.. could have easily punched Gooly.)

In the end, they played together. But Gooly would always extend his hand out and Ada would shyly accept it. They would run off with the gang tailing behind. It's quite funny to watch- imagine, a scene of the bride being absconded.

It's comforting to know that you have a friend, eh Gooly? ;-)

Do you have a kindy bestie whom is still a bestie to you at present? I'm sure they two would have such fond memories of each other. I'm glad, to say the least. :)


tuti said...

yes, they will remember each other well into their adulthood. always a treasure such friendship.
i just found my primary bestie. she's in texas now. totally cool!

reanaclaire said...

*dreamy* hmmmmm... so sweet about Ada walking towards Gooly.. my imagination runs to that scene..

bestie friend? she is just a phone call away... :)

goolypop said...

tuti, hoh! you on FB without telling me!

I can be in CSI man..

goolypop said...

claire.. aksi lah u.. got phone call away bestie..got breakfast bestie also, i know....



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