Friday, January 1, 2010


You woke this morning and exclaimed, "It's MY birthday!" I managed a yawn and a greeting simultaneously - Haiippih Buurhfday...! with my eyes half closed.

You instructed that I said it with much more zest while you plopped back down to bed, pretending to be still asleep. The idea was to 'surprise' you with a loud over-the-top HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I obliged of course.

And your "is it really my birthday finally?' look was really convincing.

You thought you were six because you blew off 5 candles at an early celebration with Ada.

I said No. You are 5.

But you said you were five last year.

I said No. You were turning 5 last year.

Poor lad. You were so confused.

And so you are 5 relunctantly. Today.

5 years. 1,2,3,4,5. That's five fingers on one hand. The same five fingers I have held for five years.

As I held your hand, guiding you, I knew the other five fingers on the other hand are eager to 'flee', even wanting to escape, perhaps. They are always pointing out something, poking at someone or picking up an object. But you were still a little unsure thus you hung on to me in the past years.

I guess being 5 means you will be more confident. You will explore more. It's ok. Don't be afraid.

Rest assured, whenever you look back, I am there. Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a frown. (Give me a minute, and I will turn the latter upside down.)

Grow grow grow...
Every hurdle
Every challenge
We will charge forward
Go go go.

Happy Birthday, Gooly!


tuti said...

i remember 5 being a favorite year for me too. everything seems to happen at age 5. so i am sure gooly will have a grand time this year.

happy birthday goolypop.
may you grow up wiser and stay as happy as you are. mummy loves you so much though she wanted to pin you to a cactus tree. opps. wrong quote..
start again..
mummy loves you so much for saying she's got the sweetest voice and the smoothest skin.

may you love her more and more each day and make her proud of you.

now this is not about gooly eh?

(happy birthday, owen! you're a good boy i know. mummy couldn't wish for more. hugs from a cyber auntie/ahmah)

rainbow angeles said...

haiyo! apasal tak habaq mai awal2 jek?? boleh beta kasi peluk cium siber manyak2... now still boleh lah, hor?

eh, 5 years ago, u tahan until 1st jan to meletups or u tahan him not to come out until 1st jan jek? curious kucing mar... hiak hiak hiak...

anyways... here's wishing gooly.. mmm... lotsa fun, laughter, einstein brain, good health, lurve dan lain2 yg sewaktu dengannya.. sui boh, mahmee?? ;-)

eh? i forgot sumting...

here's wishing kiki and clan, happy, healthy and prosperous days ahead! hugs, kisses and pokmongs... wuahahahhaa xx

rainbow angeles said...

eh, i cum again.. i baru baca.. wuahh... gooly same2 barkday wif elin nodregen woods woh!

Gargles said...

let's see what you can do by turning 5..
1. start digging nose with baby finger as the middle one already "overgrown"
2. start putting one leg up when eating your meals
3. start stealing next door's ahpoh's A cup bra (for your mahmee!)
4. start ponteng kelas
5. start showing THE finger..

isn't turning 5 fun? don't tell me your mahmee doesn't allow you to do all those, she done all that before even turning 5. Happy Birthday!!

BoeyJoey said...

Gooly is borned on 1 Jan? Wow... the whole world is celebrating for him! Happy Birthday Gooly!

reanaclaire said...

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to U, Owen!!

(sorry, this auntie here baru sampai Bangkok by foot.. and yr mama didnt telegraphic me, otherwise i would have send u something nice!)

goolypop said...

tuti. cheers..hic! Your speech like gooly kawin nia..Hehe.

goolypop said...

rainbow, habaq then got present ah? belated still can terima one...

goolypop said...

tank q, auntie joey or boey..and auntie claire!

next yr we celebrate again!

goolypop said...

gargles, ur speech....aiseh! Just give pressie, ok? mm tim lah ur speech


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