Thursday, June 17, 2010

You want to live where I live?

Where I live is really convenient. Not because of its amenities but..because of Mrs. Lee. Remember Mrs Lee? My back neighbour?

Since the demise of her husband, she has been chummier with my ahbu. Ahbu of course is a sweetie pie, deserving good friends everywhere.

Anyways, this has been happening for months - Mrs. Lee buying groceries for ahbu with the help of Annie, her maid. And then ahbu will reciprocate their kindness by cooking and passing the extra bowl of curry or whatever to them, so they don't have to cook. A nice arrangement, eh?

Unfortunately Mrs Lee's children are uhm.. living in their own world (unlike me who CHOOSE to live in a cave.) But what warms my heart is that Mrs Lee has proclaimed before that she treats Annie as her own child. Sometimes she buys her RM10 blouses which is extravagant because Mrs. Lee doesn't buy blouses for herself even. And there are some food she can't take as she is diabetic, but she would buy them for Annie.

And almost every day, I kid you not..She buys us kuih, nasi lemak, laksa etc. because it makes her happy. Of course we reciprocate with ..gosh.. I can't remember the stuff we have exchanged but rest assured, from me personally there were cupcakes and mangosteen. This has been going on for months! (And I hope it won't stop)

Anyways, today's meal was even more special because... ANNIE! Annie, the maid paid for the roast pork because she felt grateful that ahbu has been cooking for them. Awww... isn't that sweet?

So ahbu said in smattering Penglish, "You no so very much money.. you no buy. You keep money in pokek (pocket), no more buy, ok?"

Annie smiled and smiled and said, "Nevermind......."

There! I hope you are smiling too.



Winn said...

ok now we know at least u got one friend in your neighbourhood.

Gargles said...

if you know my neighbour, you would want to live where i live more..

goolypop said...

winn.. helloh, my mom's fren lerr.. not mine ok. Back to jilo.

Gargles, are u talking about the one who refused to give you the salt when you were cooking salty chicken? *roll eyes* u r so jeles!

tuti said...

you got great neighbors in kok kok land too. must be you, right? brings good karma wherever you go.

*waits back door*

goolypop said...

tuti, *at back door jiggling my breasts and singing* Karma-karma-karma karmeleon....

OOh.. i loved Boy George...


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