Friday, June 25, 2010

Smell of love

My ahbu is an avid user of Minty Eau De Toillet a.k.a Minyak Angin Cap Kapak for headache, car-sick, sea-sick, air-sick, heart-sick, tummy ache.. yada yada yada.

When Gooly was a baby, every time after bathing, she would lather her hands in mild eucalyptus oil and rub her hands onto his tummy which made him giggle like Elmo.

Now that he is older, he is quite reluctant to have his tummy rubbed like that. He is a little embarassed, I reckon plus the smell is akin to durian (totally repulsive) to him. Reason no. 3 would be that he is uncomfortable with the tingling minty/heaty sensation.

But of late, he has been rather 'windy' and 'coughy'. So ahbu sat on him, and rubbed his chest with that bottle of ointment. Ok, I lied. I don't know how she did it, but Gooly has had his dosage of ointment every night despite his protests.

Yesterday, I inserted the idea that it was a gesture of love from Nainai when she applies the ointment on his tummy. I took a whiff and proclaimed, "I smell love!"

He caught on the idea quickly and asked me to breathe OUT the love back into his tummy!

"Hey, gimme back Nainai's love!"

Okeh.. I snorted noisily on his tummy. And he slept a happy boy, with a warm-toasty feeling thanks to Minyak Cap Kapak and Nainai's love.

Note: There is this episode on Friends where Joey forbade Chandler Bing to smell his sandwich, and Chandler returned what he sniffed by puffing air out from his nostrils. I think sometimes I live in a sitcom.


smallkucing said...

wakakaka...i use Tiger Balm la. There is a type Soft tiger balm. Smell nicer.

Alamak..gooly doesnt like lulian ah..haiyo rugi.....

Gargles said...

ok, lets rub durian on his belly every night, very soon can go eat durians together.

reanaclaire said...

rub durian on his belly??? gosh.. gargles.. i tot i m a crazy durian lover.. now i know who else is.. :)

tuti said...

i smell vicks, smell ju-i-oil, means i very full of love ah?

goolypop said...

smallkucing, he no like durian, nobody rugi... i get to eat more. hohohoho..

Gargles, u do mean rubbing the durian 'hock' on his tummy rite, u chisin pintai por?

claire, she is not crazy durian lover la.she is just plain crazy. (but i *heart* her)

tuti, it means u few days no bathe, very smelly lor..

smallkucing said...

woi u kenot habis the durian throw some over here ah...gua also gila lulian...haiz..kepunan after reading Claire's blog the other delicious lulian pic


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