Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surat siput babi

Yesterday when I drove into the porch, my eyes caught the sight of an envelope jutting out from the mailbox.

It was probably a 2 nano-seconds glimpse in which my brain said, "HeythatchinesewordlookslikeGooly'swritingbutcouldn'tbenobodybroughthimtothepostoffice"

Let me say it to you in slomo:
"Hey, that chinese word looks like Gooly's writing but couldn't be. Nobody brought him to the post office."

(The brain eschews punctuations in many circumstances.)

True enough. It was a mail sent by Gooly. He had written Papa Mama in Chinese on the envelope. I was so pleasantly surprised that I am still grinning as I write this.

I find it somewhat strange and comforting that I could recognize his handwriting. It was an old familiar feeling - just like when he was a week old, I recognized his cries amidst a sea of other crying babies in the hospital. FYI, his cries were kitten-like..uweh...uweh...wa wa... gasp gasp..uweh.. You know? Don't know? Never mind. Only mahmee knows.

So yesterday's mail left me with a pleasant deja-vue - having the gut feeling of "I-know-it's-you, Gooly."


Oh, the school helped the kids post the letter. I suppose they were learning about .. postman, post office, stamps... I think.. Gee.. what do they learn actually? :P


smallkucing said...

The school so good geh. Last time where got like that...haiz...

Sinkar Kong Sisat said...

the content says wht? increase in school fees?

goolypop said...

small kucing, last time we used blood to write letters only hoh?

sinkar, content says: "forbidden to collect 10 sen for magic show..some tools confiscated...and the principal has been missing for awhile, wondering if gooly has anything to do with it..."

Nothing important...

BoeyJoey said...

wah... shweettt... bet mahmee is still dreaming about receiving letters :-).


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