Friday, June 18, 2010

Mid term holiday '10

What did we do?

Water park. Bird park. uhm.. err.. ahh.. Is that it? Gosh! I think so!

But not that I am complaining. Neither have I heard Gooly grumbling about a boring holiday too. You know how some people line up a string of activities that they need a holiday after a holiday? Well, we are just not like that (mainly because of budget issues lah.)

We churned a lot of junks, as usual. Menus, business proposals, love cards etc.

We played hopscotch, bad badminton and performed as a rock band (with zero audience).

We went cycling. Oh! I love this. It was the day papah came back, and we just brought the two bikes out and started peddling away. At some point, papah even romantically took me for a ride (of course I am romanticising the whole episode. In actual event, I was hanging on for dear life, and screaming AAAHH AHHHH... with Gooly reprimanding us, "Stop! You two are gonna fall!")

Today we washed a pair of shoes. Weeee! How exciting. Teehee. Actually it was pretty interesting cos he made up a song that went:

Scrub scrub scrub
Brite and clean
My shoes are new
No more dirt
Scrub scrub scrub

And then he made a science project out of this otherwise boring task. He saw that his (fake) Crocs were afloat, and he wanted to soak them. Thus, he scurried around the house looking for stuff to be inserted into the shoes to sink them. And that activity lasted the whole morning.

And what dya know? The holidays are coming to an end already. So, we never had a problem with holidays. We always spend them as idyllic (and as cheap) as possible. Nice~

It's really not about where to go, but rather who you spend time with which makes holidays fun (cheapskate talking)

P.s:I admit! TVs and PS2 were part of the holiday's itinerary too.


Gargles said...

gooly's talking: hurray!! school hols no more jor, can go back to school and kau-lui jor. yay! yay!

Mamapumpkin said...

Ahhhh....same here. No paid activities, altho we did spend the 1st week in hospital & part of the 2nd recuperating. But no complaints at all! Even missing birthday parties & declining invitations from friends to go boating, playgrounds, etc! No complaints! She spent a large time reading, drawing & playing w Tia & me! It was fabulous!

CY said...

Goolymama. Why 2 post same one? I know, maybe no comments last time, you post it again ah? :)
Holiday why don't go Land of Smiles to visit papah? Things over already ma here.

goolypop said...

Gargles, u obviously dunno him that well. Should be like this:

Gooly: Hulei! School whores no more jor, can go back to school and tackle teachers jor. Jay! Jay!

goolypop said...

Mamapumpkin.. but hearsay you went out and had an or-gy. Heheh. kidding.. but dem! You mamas are so hawt, I'd like to take part in the or-gy (which didn't happen) :P

goolypop said...

CY! You QC officer ar?? Ok ok, i wont cheat homework by double-posting again.

Holiday didnt go Land of Smiles becos... becos... what, now you are PAO Tai Yan? Yuen wong arr, tai yan..............

Mamapumpkin said...

Wey, that or-gy happened wayyyyy.....back before the school holidays la!


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