Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

Today, I went to pick up Gooly from school despite my busy schedule. Heh.. like real. Actually it was because the van lady charges the whole month fee eventhough it was gonna be a 6-day ride instead of the usual 12.

I went into the school compound and heard shouts of "Gooly's mother!". Heh, yeah.. I am famous like that. Either that or Gooly is really popular.

So I was standing outside the class room, and saw another boy standing next to Gooly. He was showing three pictures and in an eager voice, asked, "What about this, Gooly? What do you call this?" The pictures consisted of a plane, a helicopter and a car.

Gooly scrutinized the pieces and said, "It's a Hell-plane-car." Maybe he said 'Planehellicar'. I dunno cos they sounded gibberish in any way.

To me, that is.

But to another 5 year old, Gooly was like a sage, cos the boy actually gave a very appreciative WOW! followed by, "Why do you know everything?"


Well, if he was Sinkar, I'd probably think that he was being sarcastic.


My boy shrugged and excused himself.

I put my arm around his shoulder and headed towards our car. Everyone was chirping, "Happy Holidays" merrily. I was in a jolly good mood myself. It felt like Christmas in June.

I love going to school. I mean my son's.


smallkucing said...

Happy Holidays :D

it's weird how once you married and given birth you will be "so and so wife" "so and so mother"..very seldom people will see you as yourself.

tuti said...

i am gooly's mahmee's ex but remarried again, mate.

goolypop said...

Smallkucing, but but but..before that I was always somebody's dotter wor..

tuti, in short, u r my dahling..hehehe..


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