Friday, June 4, 2010

Gooly's many projects

Last week, we attended a hilariously entertaining Magic Show where Gooly picked up a few lauyar bluff kids skills. He came back with some plans and hurriedly put them down unto a piece of paper.

Owen 1.
Posag 2.
Win 3.

Never mind that the numerals were on the right side, instead of the usual left. Also ignore how No.2 and No.3 names are spelled wrongly. It was probably intentional to protect their identities.

Ok, so numero Uno is himself, to be assisted by No.2 and No. 3. Funny that he was actually the other two's apprentice earlier but he reckoned that he will be much better than they are later, and thus the 'demotion'.

I didn't want to be involved cos I think there will be some sawing actions, so I heard.

Anyways, I saw that he had kept his 'proposal' in his pencil case, folded into many folds. He seems serious about having his own magic show.

Besides being a con magician, he also aspires to be in a rock band. As usual, he has it all sorted out in his brain.

Band name: Transfour
Band members: Himself, papa, Auntie Joleyn and Uncle Martin
Instruments: 3 guitars, a drum
Lead Singer: Himself
Guitarists: The males
Drummer: The female
Technician: Mom

Yeah.. I get the lousy job of adjusting the volumn of the amp. BLEK! Not fair!!!

And for both shows, I HAVE TO PAY FOR TICKETS!! BLEK BLEK!

Anyways... being a supportive mom and all, I will assist in the logo designing later (T-4, how cool is that? Hehe!). And if we didn't get into any disagreements during the initial process, we may proceed with the next project - designing the album cover.

That ought to keep us busy for awhile.

P.s: Isn't it weird, sad, amusing that his friends are MY friends? Gooly, go find your own friends! :P


BoeyJoey said...

wah... Gooly already knows how to "protect identities" and demote people ah... impressive at his age :-).

the last time HQ went to a magic show, he had fun too doing all the lauyar tipu budak punya magic moves.

Hahaha... it was great fun while it lasted ya?

smallkucing said...

really secretive password protected one or not?


Gooly really funny la

goolypop said...

BoeyJoey, Ya..later age, he will be like us, know how to blog only :P

Smallkucing, haiyah..gooly cannot keep secret one.. he will bocor all the tricks to you if you give him 50 sen (which I will collect :P)

edamame said...

WOOT! Nobody ever wanted me in a band before. I think lil kumseng is my new best fren. Oh soli mam kumseng. Lei hai number 2 jor :P


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