Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mrs. Lee's son

Remember Mrs. Lee?

I think I failed to mention that she actually has 2 sons. The older one is banished or ran away, I am not sure. But he doesn't come home anymore. The younger one..well.. he is the one I want to write about today.

But before that..

I do remember the boys being a few years younger. Just a few. So that makes them in their early 30s, perhaps? During the younger days, we have heard stories about them ..or should I say, little 'adventures' they had..

..like the time they conteng the piano with black markers.

..and also the time the older boy played with fire.

I think the fire episode was the last straw the parents could handle. He was sent away.. and then he ran away. And then.. we never heard of him again. Even when his father died, he was not informed.

Now the younger brother..

In his 30s (or late 20s, I assume), he has never worked a single day of his life.

He wakes, he walks around the neighbourhood til his legs tire him out and he never takes a bath unless necessary (like when head lice are partying on his hair)

Mrs Lee says he is autistic.

Here's the thing. Sometimes... he plays the piano. Beautifully. Like a maestro. I don't know if it's Bach or Beethoven that he plays but ohh... so beautiful.

He doesn't practice. I mean, even when he was a kid, there was no scales and arpeggio practice (unlike the other stupid neighbour kid). And yet when he plays, he plays like he is performing.

When I see him around the neighbourhood, smiling to himself, looking tattered - I am half scared and intrigued by him ..


sinkar said...

haven't u heard about the latest technology called the CD?

goolypop said...

sinkar..chronic depression..yeah.. he might have it.

wats it gotta do with tecnology leh?

Gargles said...

it's not the son who plays the piano, it's his dad! always playing the music pieces in the middle of the night, hai mai?

BoeyJoey said...

wah... you sure have very interesting neighbours. what will happen to this junior mr. lee when mrs. lee goes to join the other older mr. lee? wah... i so bad, think liddat...

goolypop said...

gargles..yat kong yat pak worrrrr!

*hold cross

goolypop said...

bjoey.. thats the part i come in.. i am going to kao him and inherit the house..and the funds and allllllll!!!

(heheheh... no lah. Apparently the mom has allocated some fund thingy for him. So cham hoh?)

tuti said...

some people sick in the head still plays the piano well. maybe in the future someone can connect the two and find a link somewhere to heal the sick guy. right now not many institutions handle that area.


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