Saturday, June 19, 2010

CeritaSSSSS Hari Ini

My (very good) friend, who migrated to OZ, came back for a holiday last week. Yesterday was her last day. So my ahbu cooked some tauyubak and tarpau-ed some yongtaufu for her. Of course, I took all the credits. See how nice and sweet my ma is? When you receive anything from me out of the blue, it's probably from my mom. But you must pretend that you don't know, and still thank me profusely, ok?


Somebody in a small town, 5 hours away, has been diagnosed with liver cancer, stage 4. Ok-lah, I tell you, he is papah's uncle. They are refusing chemo., and are trying to give him the best last few months. A cousin invited him over to KL so she can bring him out for foodies and such. But strangely, transport is not provided.

So I thought over it and decided to offer my service. I would like to make that 10 hour journey (to and fro) to bring him over. I really do not know this uncle very well to endure a 10 hour ride in close proximity (possibly divided into two days). And I reckon the feeling is mutual on his end. So he rejected my offer!!!

Heheh.. Phew~

Kidding. If he had said yes, I'd would have been more than happy that I have done something for someone who is ... you know what. (I dont want to say DIE cos not all cancer patients die.)


That day, Gooly came back holding an ice cream in a cup.

In a very poor thing voice he said, "Mom, I need to ask your permission first.."

Ohlard.. the ice cream had all melted. I didn't had the heart to say NO (cos he was coughing). He was so good, he wanted to ask permission first!

It's almost like him saving an ice cream in a pocket for me.. Not quite the same. But similar.

But as he slurped the melted ice cream, I wondered if this is a new tactic cos:

1. he really likes melted ice cream (weird kid)

2. he thinks that melted ice cream is not cold, and thus won't make him cough that much

3. he thinks if he waited 10 minutes, and resisted offers from NAINAI to chomp up there and then without telling me, then it's really OK to have that ice cream

Anyways.. I went, awwww........ such a good boy. Ask permission first ..yada yada..yada... Go ahead, drink your ice cream....

A SUCKER!! That's what I am.


Gargles said...

Those are 3 cerita, so must say "cerita-cerita hari ini", cannot confuse ppl like that.

now what was the cerita about ni? let me go and read...

goolypop said...

i want to say CERITAS, chui meh?

smallkucing said...

aiyo you punya 3 cerita manyak menyayat hati la...sob sob

goolypop said...

Small kucing, come come..dun cry.. come rest on my chest.....woohooohoooooo


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