Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gooly & nainai

I have said it a few times and I am gonna say it again:

Gooly is such a chatter-box!

I am really glad that I brought Gooly home to love and be loved by his Nai-nai.

Everyone knows I am irascible in the morning. Heck, even the boy who has lived, thus far about 2000 days, knows I am a morning monster (I mean Gooly-lah.)

We are so lucky that Nai-nai is available, all bright and cheery in the a.m. She makes brekkie, albeit nothing too complicating. The milo keeps his tummy warm, and peanut butter sandwiches with crackers in between make the 5 yr old kick start the morning with a smile. (I will never never let him put a cracker in between the sandwich. What the heckaroo? Sandcrackwich?)

Sometimes when I am at work, I worry that he gets palpably upset (usually with regards to losing a fight with his cousin) and I am not there to console him.

Ok, I am lying.

Usually he gets really upset when I scold him. And I am so glad that nai nai is his pillow of comfort. I am not kidding when I said PILLOW..cos you should really see the way he hugs and sobs into her bosoms. It's so heart-wrenching it's like you are watching a rerun of Oshin.

And then there are times that she splurges on him. A buck for the piggy bank, a robot (because it's the holidays), a VCD (because he is so good today), an ice cream (because it's so hot). There is a reason for every purchase. Do note that Nainai hardly buys anything for herself.

And there are the mini projects they do together like planting onions and potatoes. But from what I see, it might as well be called burying the food. I doubt they will grow, really. But the fun and excitement... gosh! Beats playing Farmville!

And then there is the same language factor - Mandarin. Oh the silly banters in that language. Now nainai can be funny because he understands her now.

And today, I left them in the car for a mere 2 minutes, and the ruckus they created! Nai nai was in tears - a real laugh aftermath! They were still laughing while relating a fart joke, which I didn't particularly think was that funny. You know, same old prroot proot proot joke. Oh well, maybe only suitable for 5 and 51 (+10)[thanks boey joey for pointing this honest mistake :D] year olds.

Nai nai always tells anyone who listens, "He is a good boy." I don't know how she says that with a straight face, cos frankly, he does give her a bit of a problem (like repeating something for a million times in a day.) Another old lady would have probably hung him on the cactus already. But of course, she meant it with her heart when she said that. And I am secretly proud and pleased to hear it.

There was one night that Nai nai went our for a wedding banquet. By 9pm, Gooly was already missing her. "I want nainai home. Where did nainai go?" When we did pick her up, he was so glad to see her that he ran up to give her a hug, and fell asleep on her lap on the way home.

Yesterday, I watched the Baby-Gooly video. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the part Nainai sang to him.

Are you sleepy, are you
Bada Jon, Bada Jon
Lalala lalala
Ding dong bell ding dong bell

Ha.. you see how she sang mixing up the words? But the love in her eyes and voice - gosh! She had loved him since day 1.


I'm glad we came back for Gooly to get to know his grandparents. It will be a lifetime regret if one lives, not knowing and loving them.

I do not have a recent pic of them both and my cameras are konk-ed. But what the heck, I am a photocopy of my mom. You see me, you see her. And you can see her behind too, doting on my darling niece.


BoeyJoey said...

Nainai is so young! 51! My mum once said she wished she's 10 years younger (even then not as young as Gooly's nainai) so that she can wait for my bro to produce some kids to babysit... sigh...

grandparents are god-sent ya? :-D.

goolymama said...

omg bjoey! Haha.. I typed wrongly ler..she is 61! hahahahah..

smallkucing said...

he so hensem la...

goolypop said...

heh...small kucing, look like takeishi mashimaro leh...

btw thanks for the lead about the online boutique.. but i got so little readers, paiseh leh....

Gargles said...

wahh auntiee... how leang wor lei, give some tips to your dotter to do some "maintenance" work before she looks older than you la..

(dun perasan hoh, goolymama, i'm talking to her at the background, with the little girl one, okeh?)


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