Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gooly and his art

Gooly isn't the greatest artist. Like seriously, he can't draw no shiats.. Hehe.. Ok, this is a vedy vedy negative remark from his own m.o.t.h.e.r. ..I know. But do hear me out. He can't draw but his imagination.. my gosh! It puts my standard 6 art teacher (who criticized my masterpiece in public) in shame!

So yesterday, he drew me a picture - of three people (me, him and papah) riding on stars. Thats uber cool, me thinks. Nobody I know draws or talks about people in skies anymore. The last I heard was Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and that is a good 40 years ago.

As I scrutinized further, I saw that the apartment was half buried in the sea with fishies swimming by. How cool is that? You wake, look out the window, and see.. GAH! Giant octopi! Ok ok.. don't let the imagination run too wild.

We are not BOB the builder, thus dk:dc (don't know, don't care) if the construction is feasible and possible. But everything begins with an idea. And living underwater is a great idea.

And we also drew on the sidewalks with chalks. I drew a beautiful house with smoke billowing from the chimney, and he added more details such as..

..a few dragons breathing fire destroying my house
.. people running out with crossed-out eyes screaming their lungs out
.. helicopters with + signs (they are ambulances)
.. booby traps to capture the dragons

They were so much details (though you can't tell what they are unless you ask), that I wasn't sure whose side he was on. You know, who are the real villains? The dragons or human? So I asked..

"The dragons are not bad. They are only eating the bad people who are thieves. The helicopters will save the other people (the innocent victims) but the booby traps will capture the dragons too."

"Whose side are you on?" I wondered.

"I'm just the narrator.."

Ohhh.. we are neutral in this battle. I see I see.

It's so much fun watching him conteng. Some have suggested art classes for him (cos his drawing sucks lah, I know) but..

1. he is not interested cos he is so confident that he can draw

2. it's quite boring to be dictated on what to draw, right? Like the infamous"RUMAH SAYA" (My House).

3. I will die of shock if the teacher suggests a clinical therapy for Gooly because his drawings are insanely out of this world.....


Gargles said...

from the psychological point of view, his mind is totally haywired. nevertheless, he could be an oscar winning horror/thriller/violent movie director.

goolypop said...

gargles, dun be silly... u cant keep hay in the brain.. and no wires too, ok?



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