Thursday, June 3, 2010


Ok so it was my birthday...

It has been years since I felt birthday is a celebration. Must be the macho thing in me which refused to acknowledge my own date of birth.

But this year....


It's different. So many people insisted celebrated with me.

I'm gonna list the things I got this year, though some are really not for my birthday, but I don't care and not shy :

a. siao cellphone
b. cupcakes and cakes
c. bag
d. necklaces
e. drawing of me playing badminton
f. face mask*
g. card
h. BMX
i. dinner and lunch and snacks
j. wishes via FB, Sms, phone calls, emails
k. parking space near entrance where-ever I go for the whole week (can you freaking believe it?)
l. funny song name dedication (Aku Bulatkan Harijadimu dekat Kalenderku)

Yeah.. it was a happy week! And only officially over on the next day after the actual date. Wheee... now I know why birthdays are fun!!

* Not ultraman mask..those facial type one arrr....


Gargles said...

aiyah.. should have saved my effort to celebrate with you.. as i thought noone wanna do that.

next year, i know better jor.

Sinkar Songs Expert said...

is Aku Bulatkan Harijadimu dekat Kalenderku by Rokiah Daud that one..? it was at the top of the muzik muzik '86 chart for 4 weeks!

u shld listen to her next hit 'Karipapku Berinti Kasihmu'.

Winn said...

gooly ate your cake!!!!!!

you ended MAY...sigh! i wish it's may all over again!

goolypop said...

Gg, whath is a birthdayth sans thou?

Sinkar, Karipapku that song.. the MTV is dem cool! It features all the karipaps in the world!

Winn, yaaaaa!! Can u like buy me another cake, seriously? Buy durian, he wont eat...!

May is a good mth - anything MAY happen. Lots of surprises :) Now is June - everything also jun-jun, very precise. :P

BoeyJoey said...

Happi Birthday GoolyMama! Yau tai yat sui lo... guai guai dei ah! no matter how wierd your neighbours are, don't peek at them anymore la! Kekeeke

tuti said...

you make friend with polis can park any where ah?

happy belated birthday lah.
sowwie i am late.

smallkucing said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you

aiks..facial mask also birthday pressie ah..kakaka

goolypop said...

Boey Joey, CHOI! I never kaap them mandi la.. (Ops, did I say that?)

Tuti, I park handicapped space (Ops, did i say that?)

SmallKucing, condoms also can become birthday pressie gah. Give u new idea.. (ops, did i say that?)

Thanks ladies for the wishes :)


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