Saturday, June 26, 2010


In her line of duty, my sister deals with hearing impaired children and thus, she brings back hearing aids sometimes. Gooly was curious naturally, and asked what they were for.

"Super Ears.You wear them and you can hear noises/voices far far away. As far as the kitchen, from upstairs."

That is not the only prank she pulls on him. She has also told him that by eating chicken feet, he can run faster. (If you think this is not a prank, believing that chicken legs can indeed help you sprint or piggy brain in peppered soup can make you smarter, I can only point at you and laugh.)

Today my older brother told him he had a bandage on his wrist because he fought with Ultraman.

I can come up with far better and sillier craps than my siblings, seriously. But I could never use them on Gooly cos Momma is supposed to be strictly boring, honestly strict and boringly honest.

What a pity!

Ah well, there are other children to benefit from my eccentricity.


No craps said...

Piggy brain in peppered soup....hearsay you wanted to have that soup everytime ekzams coming. Source: very reliable insiders informer! *hold myself from laffing out*

toughcookie said...

hehe... i like the chicken feet lie. like omg...

btw, i just tagged you here.

tuti said...

not true meh?
eat chicken leg really good wan. hehehe

goolies said...

NOCRAPS, helo? I drink BRANDS during ekjems ok?

Toughcookie, haha.. Kaki Ayam is different meaning kan? And tima kasih for the award.. nanti i gantung kat wall i. :)

Tuti, chicken leg and feet same or not?

smallkucing said...

eh...i thought eat chicken feet will get tulisan like cakar ayam one. LOL


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