Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gooly = Calvin

One day, Gooly decided to draw a fire station with the usual suspects - me, him, papah and Ada.

And he decided that there should be a cashier counter in the fire station because, in his own words - "After we put out fire, the people will have to pay us. Actually they have to pay us before we put out the fire. And then they pay us after that too."

Let's not focus on his (unscrupulous) 'entrepreneurship' but rather on his creativity, shall we?

So I was put in charge of this very risky but high rank position, stationed behind the counter to collect money from fire victims. It was risky like hell because a robbery can occur anytime(or I get bashed for collecting deposits to put out a fire).

As we know he cares so much about me,he bought a million dollahs insurance and listed his name as the beneficiary added a weapon for me - a fire cum water gun which squirts the two elements at the same time at the culprits.

It's never an ordinary day at the fire house,eh?

After a while, he got bored and lazy and abandoned his sketch. So I asked, what happened to the rest of the gang?

"Mom, we all have to go out to save lives." And he flashed me a very'durh' look.

And so there I was, all alone in the fire station, risking myself, but I had no choice but to remain vigilant. Albeit it was just a drawing, but I have never felt so vulnerable in life.

"Berkhidmat untuk Negara."

Did I read too much Calvin & Hobbes? Gooly is soooo like Calvin.. Teehee!


smallkucing said...

Correct mah...the rest have to go out and saves life. Tak kan la stay home kakaka

toughcookie said...

hey, you're back public! glad to be able to read you again :)

goolypop said...

Small kucing, u and him same gang one..

biskut, eh that day I asked for your email so could hantar invite to you kan, dapat email tu? But anyways, now no nid oredi lah..hahha.. cos I also malas nak sign in sign out..

Gargles said...

woi! no nid to work ah? still blog blog blog... other than keeping vigilant and cashing in on ppl's misery, you should be washing the dishes, hoses, waterguns, toilets, floors and the fire tankers (whatever they are!), it's all in your job description!

Mamapumpkin said...

C&H used 2b my favourite! I also read LAT, Asterix, Crazy Master Fu, Archies & what else?

goooooooooliee! said...

gargles, u sound like that guy who asked me how the shampoo works....tolak 95 markah!!!!

Mamapumpkin, Doraemon! Hehehe.. prolly u didnt cos they were translated into bahasa, which is why, saya fasih berbahasa Melayu (showing off :P)


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